A Confused China Utters ‘Muslims collectively oppose India’s move’ in J&K, it’ll...

A Confused China Utters ‘Muslims collectively oppose India’s move’ in J&K, it’ll be hard to control situation


A Confused China Utters ‘Muslims collectively oppose India’s move’ in J&K, it’ll be hard to control situation

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times is totally confused with the pace of events in India and has started uttering nonsense. It said that it is unimaginable for Pakistan to not take ‘strong countermeasures’ against the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

Now why would Pakistan suddenly take a suicidal action, when as defender of Faith, it did nothing to thwart the various steps taken by Government of China, against the Uighurs in Xinjiang. The Uighurs have been virtually made prisoners in their own Country.

The Global Times said further that “If the Muslims collectively oppose India’s move, it is hard for India’s system to control the situation. We do not see that India has the political and other resources to fully take over the area.”

Well if the Uighurs have not revolted even after their country has been subjugated forcibly, then certainly the people of Jammu, Ladhak and Kashmir, majority of whose population are celebrating the abrogation of ram shackling Article 370, will do no such thing to help Pakistan in any way.

Forget Jammu and Ladhak, even in Kashmir less than 15% of the population support Separatism. Also out of this 15%, those who support merger with Pakistan are just miniscule in number. Can China speak so confidently about Uighars willing to merge with China permanently ?.

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times also talked in an editorial on Monday that India is “too reckless on border issues” and keeps on breaking “status quo” impacting regional situation. It also said that India continued to challenge surrounding countries’ interests and expected them to “swallow the provocation and accept the new facts made by India”.

The editorial was not in regards to the revocation of Kashmir’s special status but actually bad mouthing India for creation of Ladhak as an Union Territory. This creation now has highlighted the fact that China too is in illegal possession of Indian territory of AksaiChin and Shakhagam, a part if Ladhak.

Next, India declaring that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir too will come back to India, China is now jittery for violation of Indian Sovereignty through construction if Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor through POK.

Global Times also alleged that the US and the Western nations “connive” with India. “India also thinks China is busy at the trade war and the Belt and Road Initiative, and so it is a good time to act on border issues,” it said, adding, “Even if India succeeds with its geopolitical trickery and unilateralism, it will amass new hatreds.”

The Global Times editorial further said that it would be a “wiser choice for India to not squeeze its neighbour”. It added that tense India-Pakistan relations will only worsen an already-sensitive situation.

China need not worry about how India will handle Kashmir. Presently it must concentrate in salvaging the situation in Hong Kong. India will be willing to render any help on request, as a good neighbour.

Next it must get into talks with the Uighurs and provide them the required religious freedom. Then China must be willing to hold a trilateral talks to resolve the freedom struggle of the Tibetan Nation.

Finally, China must advise its friend Pakistan to stop meddling in the internal affairs of India other wise it will risk getting erased from the World map. The people of Baluchistan who like POK had been enslaved forcibly in 1947 are already fighting for Liberation.

Even Chinese have faced the wrath of the Baloch people. India role as a peaceful Economic and Military giant in the entire Continent has been accepted by nearly all the Countries.

Countries ranging from Saudi Arabia on one end to Israel at the other are strengthening their ties with India. Even a Country like Australia with American leanings is ready to cooperate with India in the leadership role.