Be Ready to get the Lucknawi Zaiyka

Be Ready to get the Lucknawi Zaiyka


Who doesn’t enjoy a nicely prepared roll? A crunchy-flaky paratha with succulent pieces of chicken/paneer tikka, onions, green chutney and a splash of lime, can make anyone drool!

Rolls are a saviour, they are flavoursome, they come in never ending varieties and they are light on the pocket. So, here’s a list of 7 places in Lucknow where you can find the best rolls.


Rollarappaa has set a benchmark for any roll joint. This chain rolls joint has several outlets in the city and we’re a fan of all of them. You cannot go wrong with a roll from Rollarappaa no matter what your pick is. Be it an Italian chicken roll, a chilly chicken or a classic chicken tikka roll. They’ve got the art of rollin’ nailed down and we are thankful for it.


If you’re a fan of the classic Kathis, you will absolutely love the Kathi Castle. They serve some of the most yumm rolls and you will not be disappointed with any choice you make here. Do try their soya chaap kathi roll and chicken malai tikka kathi roll, believe us you won’t stop at one!


If you’re looking for something more familiar and classic, Acacia is the place to order from. Though they don’t have a host of options, the one’s they do, are pretty darn decent. Their butter chicken wrap and the paneer lababdar wrap will put you in a food coma you wouldn’t want to recover from.


Kathi Fusion is the “it place” for people of Aashiana. The rolls they serve are done just right, tough they’ve pretty much nailed their classic kathi rolls make sure you try the ‘alg se’ options as well. Their chicken schezwan roll and paneer kashmiri roll are must try for people who crave something different from the usual.


Kathi Junction, much like the other “kathi” places in this list, know their rolls. They’ve been serving some of the most succulent, juicy, flavourful and reasonable rolls out there. We especially have a thing for their double paneer roll and chicken tikka KJ special, do give them a try if you’re in the area.


Chahat Biryani in Aliganj is favourite of many (including mine), they are known for the killer Mughalayi food they serve and they’ve been expanding like crazy. But what you may not know is that they also serve some of the best rolls you’ll find this side of town. Their mutton boti roll and double chicken egg roll are to die for and if are feeling a little experimental do give the ‘kaleji roll’ a try and thank us later.


Kathi Express in Gomti Nagar is the newly opened rolls and wrap place and so far we are loving them! With over 30 varieties of rolls they have something for everyone. They have done right by the classic roll lover. Taste their classic chicken and paneer tikka rolls and you will taste bliss!