Bharat Ratna For Dalai Lama

Bharat Ratna For Dalai Lama


Bharat Ratna For Dalai Lama


Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Veteran, Special Forces

Trying to act like the Head Constable of the World Police, post Dokalam in 2017 China had issued a statement that hosting of His Holiness Dalai Lama by any country would be considered as a major offence. The imperial Farman had added that In case any foreign leader hosts or even meets the Dalai Lama then China will become “Very Angry “.

Chinese have declared that the Dalai Lama is not a spiritual leader but just a separatist. Any country or any organisation accepting to meet the Dalai Lama in our view is a major offence to the sentiment of the Chinese people. So for China, Hafiz Sayeed is a Saint and His Holiness is a Separatist !! The Chinese need to be dealt accordingly by us.

Now by attacking across the LAC and killing the Commanding Officer and 19 men of 16 BIHAR, the Chinese have crossed the Rubicon. So post Galwan, India too should not care about such Chinese grand statements and so called sentiments. Chinese had protested very loudly and vociferously when Dalai Lama had visited Arunachal Pradesh that year.

Thereafter they had gone ahead and renamed a few towns of Arunachal by giving them Chinese names. So what happened ? India just stood its ground. Dalai Lama is free to visit any part of India. He is the spiritual leader of Tibetan People, whose land presently remains enslaved by China.

Apart from protesting whenever world leaders meet the Dalai Lama, China also insists that all foreign governments must recognise Tibet as part of China to have diplomatic relations with Beijing.

In a bizarre statement Chinese had also claimed that Tibetan Buddhism originated from China. So it is not only history which the Chinese have been trying to change all this time but now its also the turn of geography. Though such claims by the Chinese will only prove that Indians ( who spread Buddhism ?) must have travelled even in those days by executive jets.

So they skipped poorly equipped Lhasa airport and landed straight at Beijing !!! As per Zhang a very senior Communist party member, Tibetan Buddhism is a special form of religion that originated within China. Though they immediately diluted their claim by adding that In the process of development of Tibetan Buddhism, it was influenced by other religions and other cultures……meaning India but not naming it directly.

That official had unashamedly stated that in Tibet, China is encouraging “ Tibetan Buddhism” to reclaim its Chinese orientation. The Chinese Govt as part of its various nefarious designs is trying its level best to impose Chinese culture in the teaching of Tibetan religion.

As per them the Chinese culture can nurture teachings and tenants of Tibetan Buddhism, so that its teaching can take in the latest fine results of Chinese culture. It is also needed for the development of Chinese Buddhism itself.

The Dalai Lama was forced to leave Tibet in 1959 after his peace loving people were subjugated by the expansionist Chinese. There was an uprising against the Chinese but it was crushed brutally. Dalai Lama had to escape to India, not only to save his life but also to keep the hope of Tibetan liberation alive. A Tibetan Govt in Exile was set up in India.

This naturally angered the Chinese and this was one of the major reasons for Chinese attack on India in 1962. It was actually a blessing in disguise other wise the pacifist attitude of the Govt of that time would have eventually led to re slaving of India.

China is not even ready to accept that foreign countries and their leaders meet the Dalai Lama only as a religious leader of the Tibetan people. China has made it clear that the 14th Dalai Lama, the living Buddha handed down by history is a political figure under the cloak of religion. Hence meeting him amounted to a political meet.

Chinese believe that Dalai Lama ‘s so called Govt has the mission of a separatist agenda to split Tibet from China. As per the Chinese for decades, the group with 14th Dalai Lama as the leader never stopped to achieve that political agenda of separatism.

The most ridiculous statement ever made by any Chinese political leader is that there was no legitimate government that that has recognised the Dalai Lama group (so Govt of India is not legitimate), also that fewer countries and leaders are hosting him.

As per the Chinese since foreign govts have committed to recognising China as a sole legitimate government representing China, recognising Dalai Lama contravenes their attempt, because it is a serious commitment.

His Holiness is now quite old. He should be requested to initiate the process of finding his successor. This is essential not only for more than lakh of Tibetans living in India but also for thousands living all over the world and of course for the 65 lakhs living in Tibet itself. In case this is not done now then it may lead to interference by the Chinese later.

Also, the Govt of India must bestow the Bharat Ratna forthwith as by his stay in India, he has enriched us immensely.

We Indians too clearly state that China should refrain from supporting Pakistan on Kashmir totally. It should either pull out from all activities it is undertaking in parts of Kashmir under Pak occupation or re negotiate the economic terms of such activities with India.

We too believe that Tibetans have full right to re claim their independence from China and even Uighurs have such rights as they have been made part of China by brutal force. Indians also believes that Taiwan has all the right to remain free or merge with China or one day reclaim whole of China.

So we urge all Chinese to exercise caution and prudence to bear in mind the respect for India’s sovereignty and for their relations and friendship with India and totally stop any future Galwan type of action.