Blocking Of UNSC Resolution On Terrorist Azhar And Its Impact On India...

Blocking Of UNSC Resolution On Terrorist Azhar And Its Impact On India – China Relations


Blocking Of UNSC Resolution On Terrorist Azhar And Its Impact On India – China Relations

Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Special Forces

China has again shown its true colour by blocking a French sponsored proposal in the UN Security Council to list Masood Azhar, the leader of Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), as a global terrorist. This was akin to similar other calculated actions of Communist China to keep needling India.

Of all the things, by its own acceptance,, China wants the UNSC and the world community to give it more time to examine the UN request.

Only those having very dense brain or very agile one will take this kind of position on terrorism. The government of China is fully aware that its action will have a direct bearing on China-India relations.

Liu Zongyi, senior fellow of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, and distinguished fellow of the China (Kunming) South Asia & Southeast Asia Institute, tries to explain half heartedly that if China helps in listing JeM chief Azhar as a global terrorist then New Delhi will succeed in having both JeM and its leader blacklisted. Next Islamabad would be branded as a state sponsor of terrorism and isolated on the international stage.

Zongyi seems to be logical because once Pakistan becomes an international pariah then India will be able to concentrate on rapid development of its State of Jammu and Kashmir. Then it will be just a matter of time that those Kashmiris living under forcible Pakistan Occupation will throw out the invaders and rejoin the rest of India. Surely China will not like this to happen because then its entire investment in CPEC will go for a six.

China’s blinkered strategy is to question India’s definition of terrorism. By doing this, China does not know the kind of fire it is playing with. China will forget its dual definition of terrorism, once these terrorists begin striking Xinjiang with full force. One day this Chinese opposition to the unanimous consensus to proscribe Azhar as an international terrorist under the 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council, is going to backfire and unravel China itself. This is exactly what once up on a time, USA had done with the Talibans, to oust Russia from Afghanistan and so is still paying the price.

JeM has been included in the Security Council terrorism sanctions list as it has been targeting India indiscriminately. Now India has said enough is enough by hitting the JeM deep inside Pakistan and killing over 250 terrorists in one go. This has not only shaken the terrorists but the entire Pakistan military and Civil establishment and probably China too.

Now India is asking China to support its bid to end terrorism and by doing this also save Pakistan. Other wise till now Pakistan has lost just one F16 but now is in danger of losing everything incase it continues to support terrorism. China must strive to save Pakistan by giving it a sane advice.

Once the Indian general elections are over then, national security affairs will come to the forefront and terrorism will become the hottest issues to be resolved firmly, once for all.. China putting a hold on the UN proposal will definitely lead to bad relations between India and China. This is inevitable and we can do nothing about it in case China continues to play its games.

New Delhi hence forth must link all Chinese actions big and small to the larger canvas of India- China bilateral ties, and asks for things to be resolved as a whole and not each case in isolation. The pay back time has come for China.

China has publicly stated that it is concerned about the recent attack in Pulwama, Kashmir and feels sympathetic toward the victims. But these statements have not altered China’s consistent stance toward the status of Azhar. So it should not get surprised when India too starts showing its concerns towards forcible occupation of Tibet by China, repression of human rights in Xinjiang, atrocities being carried out on the Uyghur’s and threat to freedom of Taiwan posed by a belligerent China. Even if Indian Government does nothing on the trade front with China, the people of India are so angry that they may start boycotting all Chinese goods. The Government of China should have no doubts regarding the fact that Indians can do without the cheap shoddy Chinese products.

Another thing which displays supreme arrogance of China is that it wants to offer proof and new evidence otherwise China will not change its position. Well India is not begging and will not provide any proof to any one. However in case the terrorists strike again then both the terrorists and their sponsor the State of Pakistan should be ready to pay a very heavy price. The next such terrorist strike will have a much wider impact on India’s diplomatic and economic relations with all those countries which are supporting Pakistan in this act of terrorism.

China has spared no efforts in pushing forward anti-terrorism efforts in China, Xinjiang and occupied Tibet but at the same time holds double standards on terror attacks on Indian soil.

Treating organizations and individuals differently is something that China has been doing for long, forgetting that terrorism is the enemy of mankind. Though some terrorist organizations often target only specific countries and ethnic groups, that does not mean that China should support them in any way.