Carry On Diplomani Ji With Your Sermons

Carry On Diplomani Ji With Your Sermons


Carry On Diplomani Ji With Your Sermons

(an old article published in Jagruk Bharat in 2016)

1. Hats off to sermon by a former diplomat on our current relationship with Nepal. He has really educated us ignorant Indians and those ignorant people we had the gumption to chose and authorise to run the Indian Foreign policy. How dare Modi and Sushma Swaraj, without knowing whether D stands for Diplomacy or Doon Valley do the Diplomatic Dance with the Divine kingdom and the Dragon.

2. ” Modi Ji how dare you drive Nepal into modernization. What right the
Nepalis have to be friendly with China. They just can’t start aping India in every thing. So what if China, Japan,Russia, S Korea
, Gulf Countries,France, Germany, USA all decide to invest in India at the same time. We cannot permit Nepal to have any
Investment Tie Up with China. Modi Ji if you do’nt know any thing then please atleast learn something from our actions. We
had ensured since 1947 that NOT A BLADE OF GRASS grew up in Ladhakh and NE India, a brilliant military strategy devised
by our first Police Field Marshal and taken as a Military Advise by our PM. Last time you got a chance and you people created
a separate council for the Ladhakis without caring for so many hurt sentiments right from Khyber to Zozila and now you have
gone ahead and created a separate Ministry for NE ! You are now opening the pandoras box with new highways, rail
connectivity, air connectivity and gas pipelines. This is simply not cricket.”

3. Diplomat ji,your knowledge is profound and in harmony with the traditions of those Hon’ble Men of yore. However we the
cattle class, are we permitted to ask a few simple questions? Will not development in Nepal further strengthen democracy ?
We are of the view that the all weather multi lane highways and railways racing across the Tibetan Plateau from China
mainland to Kathmandu and further to Lumbini will give connectivity to Haldia in Bengal to Tianjin in China. Certainly Nepal
has all the potential to become an economic bridge between China and India. And please stop worrying about China’s Military
might. Instead have faith in the Indian Army ….it will not leave the people of NE or Ladakh to their fate as had been
broadcasted on AIR in Oct 1962. India and China have lived in Peace since last 7000 years except for a brief border skirmish
in which just 3 brigades out of then 60+ were involved all due to Diplomacy as practised by your Party.

4. It has been observed that you are ridiculing our common sense. Please stop. On one side you are accusing Modi Ji of rough riding over Nepal Govt on the issue of Mahdhesis and termed it as NOBLE DEED and then extoll the fact that all Nepalis
should have equal rights. You never opposed your Party and were so happy when IPKF entered Jaffna to protect the BETI
ROTI KA RISHTA with Tamil Nadu. Now you are protesting even when someone just speaks up for the Madhesis ? You forget
that the RISHTA between AYODHYA and JANAKPUR was established atleast 14 years before TAMIL NADU and JAFFNA.

Only there after the people from Ayodhya along with their Tamilian friends moved towards Anuradhapur.

5. Please stop imposing your so called foreign service ideas. This New BHARAT does no bullying and will do no appeasing too.
This govt will do what is required in our National Interest. Please Lay Off…..Oh sorry, you too have the Right to Appeal to us the Cattle Class but only in 2019.