Caution For Finland: Its Better Not To Poke Nose Into Others Internal...

Caution For Finland: Its Better Not To Poke Nose Into Others Internal Affairs Otherwise NOKIA Can Lose A Big Market


Caution For Finland: Its Better Not To Poke Nose Into Others Internal Affairs Otherwise NOKIA Can Lose A Big Market

Barely days after a group of EU parliamentarians visited Kashmir in their personal capacity, Finnish foreign minister Pekka Haavisto has opened his big mouth saying the situation in the valley is not “sustainable”.

Also a country like Finland has the termity to give suggestions to India that that members of the diplomatic community here should be allowed to visit the area for a first-hand experience of the ground situation. Just because Finland holds the rotating EU presidency till 2020, it thinks that it can dictate terms to India.

Haavisto, who was here earlier this week to meet his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar, told TOI: “We have requested that the diplomatic community here or international observers of the UN should visit Kashmir and get first-hand experience on the situation.”

Finland should better maintain its earlier position similar to many other countries which have stated that the abrogation of Art 370 withdrawing special status to Jammu and Kashmir is India’s internal issue and want New Delhi and Islamabad to settle the borders. This will be best for bilateral relationship between both the countries.

The Finnish foreign minister met some human rights groups here as well. “Really, we see the risk that when this kind of situation is prolonged, it usually doesn’t get easier with time. That was our message.”

A suggestion from Indians to Finish foreign minister is that please look after your own internal affairs and do not poke your nose into our affairs. In case Finland continues with such activities then Indians will just stop buying any Nokia products as a first step.

Finland and India are moving forward on next-generation technology, particularly 5G. Along with Huawei, Finnish company Nokia is one of the handful of global players with 5G capability. This is one of the focus areas of cooperation between India and Finland.

Haavisto said, “We brought a delegation of our business community and universities and some researchers of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies. We are looking forward to more intense cooperation in our research and between academic communities.” India is looking to build partnerships in 5G technology that does not include China’s behemoth Huawei.

Outlining issues, he said, “The issues of 5G have been debated in the EU. We see huge technological possibilities. For us, it is very important that safety and privacy should be guaranteed by these technologies so consumers can be sure that their information is secure and the companies are not controlled by governments and players who could misuse the information.”

This was the second time in recent weeks that the foreign ministers of Finland and India have met, since Jaishankar was in Helsinki a few weeks ago for discussions with the Finnish government.