China Must Advice Pakistan Properly To Avoid Vanishing From The World Map

China Must Advice Pakistan Properly To Avoid Vanishing From The World Map


China Must Advice Pakistan Properly To Avoid Vanishing From The World Map

By Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Special Forces

Chinese mainstream media, has been claiming that China respects India’s interests and rights. The Chinese media claims to firmly support India’s efforts in countering terrorism, and is persistent in developing friendly cooperation with India. As a reciprocal action, it demands that the Indian media should abandon radical nationalism, objectively view China-India relations and promote rational development of bilateral relations.

Though China never fails to show lip sympathy to India every time it has suffered terrorist attacks. Chinese actions on ground have been quite opposite. Jaish-e-Mohammed has been listed by the United Nations as a global terrorist group, and as such, India wants the UN to designate its leader Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. But China has been opposing this with all its subterfuge at its disposal.

It’s well-known that China firmly opposes and condemns all forms of terrorist activities when things happen on soil claimed as its own like Tibet and Xinginiang.. China in fact claims that it also suffered setbacks before successfully having the Xinjiang separatist group East Turkestan Islamic Movement banned by the UN, and its demand to blacklist certain individuals has still not been met.

So it advises India to have patience as UN follows strict procedures to list terrorist organizations and individuals, so it wants that India shouldn’t willfully ignore procedures just to satisfy its own demands.

A Suicide bomb blast hit Indian security forces in the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir, on February 14, killing 44 and injuring dozens. The international community, including China, strongly condemned the deadly terror attack.

Venting their anger, some Indian media outlets directed their ire at China, blaming Beijing for offering protection to the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed, which claimed responsibility for the attack. They impulsively demanded India downgrade diplomatic and economic relations with China.

Focusing their reports on China instead of the terror attack, some Western media also took the opportunity to highlight this fact of China backing Masood Azhar against India.
Both the Chinese Government and the Chinese Media must be aware that unlike the Controlled Chinese Media, in India, the Media is fully independent of any Government control. So it is free to publish the view point of the group which the particular media house represents.

After the Pulwama blast, virtually the entire Indian media accusing Pakistan directly means that Indians in general are now angry and finally time has come for Pakistan to pay the price for its follies.. Islamabad can keep denying any link with terrorism and keep harping that it’s a bigger victim of terrorism but now no power on Earth will now be able to save Pakistan. And though the Indian government has not linked the terror attack to China in any way, the people of India are very angry with China too, for supporting Pakistan in its act of terrorism. So naturally some Indian media has brought out this action of China. Such unfriendly actions of China has deeply hurt Indian National sentiments. It is no secret that Indians are very Nationalistic and ever ready to give any sacrifice for the Motherland.

Already many Indian traders have started cancelling their orders for importing Chinese goods. Such cancellations are spreading at a very past pace and if Indians really boycott Chinese goods then it will badly affect the trade between the two countries. Presently China acts very arrogantly because they think their GDP is four times bigger than India. They try and harp that power gap between China and India is much larger than that between China and the US.

Such GDP figures cuts no ice with India, as firstly GDP itself misleads massively and we are also aware that how the calculation of GDP is manipulated by the Chinese Government. The actual comparison can only be assessed by a properly calculated figures in term of PPP. So flaunting figures by China does not impress India in any way.

Now Pakistan is going to get hurt very badly and even its nuclear bluff will not be able to save it. China can still have friendly cooperation with India by giving proper advice to Pakistan. Firstly China should advice Pakistan to hand over all the wanted terrorists to India and banish all terrorist activities from its soil. Next Pakistan must vacate all Indian territory under its occupation. Thereafter we can have talks for peaceful co existence.

In 1971, Pakistan lost East Pakistan, now either it decides to live peacefully or India always retains the option to derecognize the British drawn Radcliffe Line itself.