China Needs To Curb Pakistan’s Support For Terrorism Instead Of Shedding Crocodile...

China Needs To Curb Pakistan’s Support For Terrorism Instead Of Shedding Crocodile Tears For India


Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Special Forces

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday met the Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in Wuzhen.

Swaraj was in Wuzhen to attend a meeting of the foreign ministers of China, Russia and India.

Last year the top leaders of the two Countries had met in the city of Wuhan, and now the FMs were leading bilateral relations into a new stage of mature and stable development.

Wang said China is concerned about the current tension in South Asia. As a friend of both India and Pakistan, China urged restraint to avoid escalation of the situation.

As per him China expects the two countries to resolve the issues through dialogue and jointly safeguard regional peace.

No doubt India and China must work together to safeguard peace and tranquility of the region and push forward the stable development of bilateral relations.

India maintains that the international community should work in solidarity and coordination to combat terrorism.

India will deal with relevant issues in a responsible and restrained manner as a world power should.

China has shown concern for the Increased cease fire violations by Pakistan which their newspapers like Global Times have reported.

The Chinese newspapers have also asked the nuclear-armed Pakistan and India to rein in military action and sit across the negotiating table.

This reporting is most surprising because some Chinese News have reported that the Government of China does not recognize India as a Nuclear Armed military power….so why this sudden concern ?

As per the Chinese, the conflagration has threatened internal security of both India and Pakistan. The cost of military confrontation will be too high for the vulnerable subcontinent going by the history of conflicts.

It would also do irreversible damage to regional political and economic order in the long run. So why is China not advising its friend Pakistan to hand over all the terrorists to India ?

In case India punishes Pakistan through a War then China too will suffer immensely as all its investment in CPEC will have gone down the drain.

Even if there is no war, now India is not going to tolerate further nonsense from Pakistan and will ensure that Baluchistan wins its freedom, as it had been illegally captured by Pakistan in 1947. Then also the Gwadar dream of China will vanish in the sea.

China must advice Pakistan that its latest foolish military retaliation with few F16s has escalated the conflict without solving the problem of terrorism.

The latest attack was worse than the Kargil attack as it has the potential of a third bifurcation of Pakistan.

India is now ready to impose pressure and its Will on Pakistan without worrying about the nuclear red line.

However avoiding nuclear conflict is important not only for the two countries but also for the region. So China should too advice and put economic pressure on Pakistan or will it wait till Xinjiang Province too starts burning like Kashmir ?

Terrorist organizations are common enemies of both India and China. Indian people have been victims of terrorism for the last few decades.

China too needs to deal with the problem by working with Pakistan and rallying support of the international community to fight terrorism. It must declare Hafiz an International terrorist.