Deciphering Chinese Characters

Deciphering Chinese Characters


Deciphering Chinese Characters


Colonel Kritya Nand Das

China has always been a difficult country to deal with. It is a civilization that had developed relatively on the fringe of the world, after China it was the unknown Americas only further east.

They were often in contact with the nomads of the northern and the western steppe far from other ancient civilizations. Whom they bought either with bride or bribe and when that did not work, then they fought.

Often losing to them but they always managed to digest them finally as new stock of Han. To them all other than themselves were mere barbarians. And all gifts presented to their emperors were called tributes. That is their way to look at and treat the rest of the world.

They believe that they are the centre of the world Zhonghua, the Centre, the middle,hence the Middle Kingdom. Rest of the world is on periphery to serve them. It is also a binary Civilization, Han and Barbarians like the semitic world and its off shoot the Abrahmic faiths, Jews and the Gentiles, Christians and the Pegans and Muslims and the Kaffirs.

In such binary system of division of the world, conscience is trained to treat the world eternally divided and the exploitation of the others is ritually sanctioned and culturally accepted by such people and hence are free from the pricks of conscience. Cruelty is part of their lives and living.

Even in India, Brahmanic faith is a binary based system of ritualistic division of society between the Dwij and the Sudra. Both exploitation and cruelty have sanctioned place in the scriptures and hence in practise,unlike the Buddhist unitary way of total equality for the entire humanity. So the Son of Heaven has gone happy with a visit to barbarian land.

However, the Buddhist Chinese called India the Western Heaven and believed that all good souls were reborn in India. But to Confucian litarati Buddhism was an alien faith. And the often engineered prosecution of Buddhist Order in China. Comrade Xi is a Commi-Confucian.

China had never been our immediate neighbour in long two thousand and more years of contact with us.They forced themselves as our neighbour by illegally occuppying both Sinkiang and Tibet in late 40s and early 50s respectively.

All these gave Chinese an attitude and arrogance. Their recent rise has made them aggressive as well. Their claims in North and South China Seas clearly stands out to prove this point. They feel they are the Master of Asia already and must become that of the world as well.

To them we are not their equal, at most they may reluctantly tolerate us as junior partner. Such feeling of superiority is still retained by even the subcontinental muslim elites openly in Pakistan.

China occupied Aksai Chin area long back in early 50s. Nehru who had recently committed the crime of Partition of India, was not perturbed. He did not believe in an integrated India and treated her like amere administrative expression like the British. They made road there buying materials from Indian markets.

We let them occupy Tibet and let them come to breathe down our neck across the entire Himalayan range. Subsequently they beat us in 62 when naive Nehru pushed an army without any wherewithal to “throw the Chinese out” as if they were a jug of water!

China has occupied large area in Aksai Chin and has made claim over larger area in Arunachal Pradesh and some in Uttarakhand.These claims are just bargaining chips up their sleeves.

China befriended Pakistan and is using it as proxy to keep India under pressure and impose constant attrition. She almost bears the cost of Pakistan’s entire missiles, nuclear weapons and the diplomatic support to cover all its terrorist acts against India.

CPEC is China’s path to Arabian Sea and its proximity to energy resources of the West Asia, mineral, timber and cultivable lands of Africa and encirclement of India from the west. It already has a presence in Sri Lanka and is progressing well in Mayanmar ,Bangladesh and Nepal.

Even she is trying to reach Bhutan at a pace we may not be able to fathom. Chinese presence in subcontinent is as bad and alarming as it was in 18th century of the British trading company.

East India Company had hold, extending from present Chennai to Kolkata, along the entire East Coast.

Then by mid 19th century this commercial company had reached the foot hills of Hindu kush. Similar is the presence of China in the west now, from Karakoram to Karachi.
Are we going to wake up when they reach the Eastern Ghats?

The trade surplus that China enjoys is some 58 billion dollars. It has virtually hold over entire Indian market, the way British had after the Industrial Revolution.

When we were in deep Nehruvian slumber of socialism, pragmatic China made use of America to run its tryst with State Capitalism while we slept, China in no time became the manufacturing hub of the world.

They improved the lives of their poor and strengthened the military and started looking right into the eyes of the West, specially the USA.

Advantage China:-

Occupying large area and laying claim on larger area as bargaining chip.

Using Pakistan to wear India out by its Islamic terror tactics and subverting a second majority group clandestinely with IS elements scattered all over and some other minorities and some major and minor political groups as well. This can be seen on social media and behaviour of some of the political parties.

Occupying entire area across our western frontier in form of CPEC in Pakistan.

China has captured our entire market.
It is indeed a grim situation. China had faced such a bad time in late70s.The South East Asian Tigers were doing better. Communism had failed. China feared revolt.

The pragmatic people that they are, they took the advantage of cold war and sifted to the West, made best use of their investments, technologies and their markets. Overseas Chinese came as big help in South East Asia and USA to help the Main Land. And it was indeed a great success story unparalleled in human history.

Modi has willy – nilly adopted the Chinese model of development, Mudra Yojana, Make in India, encouragement to Start Ups and getting in touch with the overseas Indians. Hope he succeeds.

With out export, no country can become rich and powerful. We must become the manufacturing hub of the world like China.
We should take the help of the America, Japan and the Israel.

Draw their investments and technologies.
Pakistan, the sin committed by the Congress in late 40s must be destroyed even before the Congress destroys itself. We must work towards destruction of Pakistan by internal insurgencies there and not by our direct armed interventions. Pakistan today means Sunni Punjab. We must kill their economy and rest of Pakistan must kill the Sunni Punjab.

They must be told that an independent Bangladesh is on path of progress, they too can follow the same path, if they can destroy Pakistan. We must not waste our resources in taking over POK, use it instead to break Pakistan. It will come then on its own. Then a confederacy of South Asia, sort of EU could be created, leading to a Cooperative Asian Century.

We should only cooperate with China in case she return our land and stops using Pakistan as proxy. This cost China must pay for a cooperative sojourn for Asian Century.

Without that let it flow as follows:-
Let democracy eat it away the Chinese cohesiveness. Remember the of qouted phrase of Chairman Mao” A single spark ignites the Prairie Fire”. Let the spark from Hong Kong ignite the fire and let the wind from Taiwan blow it all over the Han heartland on Mainland.

China’s Horse Shoe Empire over the non Han population often goes unnoticed by the outside world. It runs in shape of a horse shoe, Manchuria in the East of non Han Manchus, Ordos or Inner Mongolia in the North of non Han Mongols, Sinkiang in the West of Uighurs Turks and in the South, the Holy Tibet of non Han Tibetans.

West under the leadership of America must work for the disintegration of China as it did of the Soveit Union in Cold War period so should it do to China in this Trade War period. And we must join hands with them.

If we cannot do this then we have difficult times ahead. For China has always been merciless to her own people and as well to others. We must not be fooled by the soft Left -Liberals cries of many political groups here, most of them are sold out commodities.

It is as bad a time as it was after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707.

“If Rome has to exist Carthage must be destroyed” as the old Roman saying goes, similarly if India has to exist Pakistan must be destroyed and China must be softened and civilized.