Does Kashmir/POK wants to join India?

Does Kashmir/POK wants to join India?


Does Kashmir/POK wants to join India?


This was a question raised on Quora sometime in Jul and answered by Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, a Veteran of the Indian Special Forces. He had spent 14 long years in J&K. It has been viewed by over 1.65 lacs Viewers.

“Like India, United States Of America is also a Union of a number of states. India has 29 states and 7 UTs whereas USA comprises 50 states, one federal district,5 territories and several minor island territories.

In 1861, USA had 34 States, out of which around 11 seceded from the Union to form the Confederate States of America. Did the Union accept this ? or permit this ? NO.

There was a civil war for nearly four years in which around 750000 soldiers died on both the sides (civilian casualty not included).

This was nearly 10% of male population (age 18 to 50) of the Union states and 30% of the male population of the Confederates. Infrastructure of confederate states suffered heavy destruction.

So whatever a miniscule number of Kashmiris in South Kashmir may feel about merging with Pakistan, it does not matter. The majority even in the valley wish to remain with the Indian Union.

The latest Panchayat elections are a clear indication. The majority in Jammu region and Ladhak Region, as it is have always been with India. There is deep resentment against Pakistan even in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Here I must add that I have spent 14 long years in J&K and walked and interacted physically in many parts talking on this very issue.

No power on this earth, will be permitted by the Indian Army to separate any part of Kashmir from India. In fact, one day the remaining illegally occupied area of Kashmir, Gilgit, Baltistan,Ladhak and Poonch too will come back.”