Famous Dancer Nora Fatehi trolled, See Why ?

Famous Dancer Nora Fatehi trolled, See Why ?


Nora Fatehi trolled for mocking Delhi Aunty’s English rather than raising questions about her regressive view

Nora Fatehi receives backlash for mocking the viral Delhi Aunty for her English, as netizens asks her to find faults in the women’s regressive views instead of her language; Read on

The Dilbar actress Nora Fatehi is once again making headlines and this time it is not for any of her upcoming songs, but because of something she did on the internet which has been receiving backlash from the netizens.

As we all are aware about the viral video of a middle-aged aunty from Delhi who slut shamed a few young girls for wearing short dresses and called the men in the room to rape those girls, everyone on the internet are ridiculed by the sick mentality of that lady and have been trolling and slamming her for the same.

However, Nora Fatehi instead noticed the incorrect English of the aunty and chose to drop a comment regarding that.

Nora wrote, “Wow she literally raped English.” As soon as she dropped that comment, people started massively trolling her for that as they did not like the fact that she instead chose to notice the English of the aunty and not her sick mentality.

Some also wrote that she shouldn’t judge other people for their language speaking skills when she herself can’t speak Hindi properly despite working in a Hindi film industry.

After many people chose to reply to her comment on the video and slammed her for it, Nora deleted her comment within few hours.

Amongst others who commented on the same video against the regressive views of the aunty includes, singer Aakriti Kakkar and reality show Splitsvilla famed Divya Aggarwal.

Aakriti wrote, “How can short dresses and rape be corrected anyway!!! I just hope she doesn’t have a daughter. And if she does, poor thing must be tortured.” On the other Divya wrote, “She’s such an insult to our nation.”