For 1700 Years Since Birth Of Christ More than 50 % Of...

For 1700 Years Since Birth Of Christ More than 50 % Of World GDP Was With India And China


For 1700 Rears Since Birth Of Christ More than 50 % Of World GDP Was With India And China

What was already known to many Indians and Chinese has now been confirmed through research by British economist Angus Maddison.

It shows that the combined GDP of China and India accounted for more than half of the world’s total in 1,700 years of the past 2,000 years.

It is only for the last three hundred years that both countries slowly became victims of modern hegemonies and “gunboat diplomacy” and treachery from both within and without. Both the countries are now in the process of recovering from the new round of globalization since the late 20th century.

However someone naïve like Trump thinks that he can still dictate terms to both China and India ….not any more. As developing countries, China and India will now no more pay for the irresponsible US trade policies under the US nationalist banner of “self-interests first.”

The US continues to threaten regulations and agreements beneficial to economic cooperation and dialogue, such as claiming to terminate the Generalized System of Preference and weakening the WTO disputes settlement system.

The Chinese Ambassador to India called on the two countries to stand together against trade bullying and enhance civilization communication.

Luo said that China is by no means willing to fight a trade war but is not afraid to do so when the war is brought to China’s doorsteps. Luo Zhaohui called on China and India to oppose US trade “bullying” and enhance the exchange of civilizations.

Luo cited that the rise of trade protectionism could hamper the rejuvenation of China and India. Similar to the enhanced tariffs threat faced by China at the hands of the US, India also needs to shoulder the burden of higher tariffs on its steel and aluminum products to the US.

“As ancient eastern civilizations, China and India share the philosophy of harmonious relations, inclusiveness, mutual benefits and win-win outcomes,” Luo wrote. Differences in cultures are no reason to generate conflicts.

India and china have had relationship for more than 7000 years and have never interfered with each other. Both have no intention of replacing other civilizations, in spite of suffering at the hands of the Europeans for nearly 200 years.

Luo said China and India need to deepen their economic cooperation and improve political trust and expand people-to-people exchanges to fight anti-globalization, unilateralism and trade protectionism. And, closer cooperation between China and India will provide the world a new model of relationship management and civilization co-existence, he said.

This is the need of the hour.