Galwan Miscalculation May Lead To Dismantling Of An Entire Restrictive Regime

Galwan Miscalculation May Lead To Dismantling Of An Entire Restrictive Regime


Galwan Miscalculation May Lead To Dismantling Of An Entire Restrictive Regime

A gunner targets at mock enemy’s observation post with a machine gun while a tank moves forward during a coordinated exercise recently. Photo:China Military

A voracious appetite for land grabbing has been the main reason for the People’s Liberation Army of the Communist Party of China fresh intrusions across the LAC on Indian Tibetan Border into rest of Ladakh. PLA except having the word PEOPLE in its name, does not represent or serve the common Chinese people. It is simply the tool for ensuring the continuation of the oppressive regime of the Communist Party of China.

The Communist China after instigating the LAC clash in the Galwan Valley of Indian Union Territory of Ladakh, has now started telling lies to the Chinese people through its huge propaganda machine. Rest of the World is fully aware of the Chinese intrusion at various points and also as to how the PLA received a bloody nose.

Though the Chinese foreign ministry and media are still spreading misinformation about the incident. On top of this the Chinese experts have begun displaying their foolishness by warning that Indians’ boycotting Chinese products will bring no good to India.

Such Chinese lies will further inspire the Indians to go for a total boycott if Chine products from the Indian Markets. Next target will be to boycott if Chinese goods from all the democracies of the World.

China’s foreign and defense ministries on Wednesday both released statements detailing the China-India LAC clash, trying to prove their “ innocence “ to the Chinese people and thus spreading more misinformation and lies.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, said at a routine daily press conference on Wednesday, “Since April this year, the Indian border troops have unilaterally built roads and bridges at the LAC (line of actual control) in the Galwan Valley. China has lodged representations and protests on multiple occasions. “ This is when Chinese have been building roads in Indian territory since 1950s and India is building roads on own side of LAC only from 2001.

As India never wants any tension on the LAC, requests were made through multiple channels for the two sides to hold a corps commander-level meeting. On June 6 the meeting was finally held, and both agreed to take concrete measures to ease tensions.

Then on 15June, the Chinese troops crossing the LAC, physically attacked the Indian troops and killed 20 Indian personnel including a Colonel rank Commanding Officer. In the bargain, not expected by the PLA, they lost 56 as killed as Indian troops took decisive measures in self-defense and firmly fought back against the violent acts to effectively safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The incident was caused by China’s violation of the agreement and unilateral provocation, and it occurred on the Indian side of the LAC, which the Chinese had agreed to vacate during the negotiations.

PLA General Commanding the Western Theatre should take full responsibility for causing the fight and punish the perpetrators of the incident. He must strictly control his troops on the frontline, and ensure similar incidents do not take place again.

Indian army commandoes display their skills during the 70th Republic Day parade in Bangalore, India, Jan. 26, 2019. India celebrated its 70th Republic Day on Saturday.File photo:Xinhua

When asked by an Indian journalist why China had issued this misleading statement, Zhao said the Indian Foreign Ministry and Indian media have released too much news in recent days, which have been read even by the common Chinese people. The Chinese official statement intended to help the “ common Chinese people to know the truth”.

The entire world knows that that it is impossible for India to provoke china, as India is focusing on fighting the COVID-19 at home and dealing with various economic pressures including Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

Some Chinese General, probably trying to seek nomination to the Central Military Commission might have believed that this was a good chance for Chinese Army to occupy some territories in the border region, so they took unilateral actions to cross the LAC and build facilities. And they might have thought India would not dare to fight back. The 56 Chinese soldiers’ lives are the price they paid for their foolish attempt.

Following the clash, nationalism and anti-China sentiment have been rising sharply in India, and majority of the Indian people have launched a boycott of Chinese products. Some are even destroying their China-made products like televisions and phones. Very soon import from China will start declining and this boycott will spread to other democracies also.

What is actually worrying the Chinese strategists us the the Indo-Pacific strategy initiated by the US government. With India joining this, it will become very tough for China to intimidate the various nation of both the South East Asia and the Indo Pacific. It will also choke any forays of the Chinese Navy into the Indian Ocean Region.

In fact, once India liberates the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Ladakh then, it may boost the morale of the freedom fighters of Tibet and Quighers of Xinjiang.

They too may soon win their freedom frim the Chinese yoke. Once this happens, then it will be the end of the repressive communist regime in China. The people of China will be able to fulfill their dream of having a democratic country.