Ills of St Antony being shifted on to others : Responsibility for...

Ills of St Antony being shifted on to others : Responsibility for India’s Defense problems


Rahul Gandhi is on total offensive and firing from the hip in true western style. To help him out certain kind of people are very cleverly trying to churn out half truths very very convincingly and presenting them as facts. The reality of the biggest ills for India’s defence have been the doing of which party and who all is well known and the list is simply endless.

India signed the HDW submarine deal way back in 1980’s in which two subs came from Germany and two got manufactured in India. Mazagaon Docks learnt to manufacture subs but the HWD scandal led to cancellation of all contracts with German firm. This was done by the then Congress Govt and rightly so but what stopped it from using the blue prints and technology already received. Fresh negotiations started and the Navy selected the latest Scorpene.

Now some clever chap trying to shift this blame of Congress HWD scandal to NDA govt of 1998-99. These clever by half breed is trying to shift the blame to NDA govt because MDL was not permitted to continue manufacturing HDW subs after completion of two of them.

Next it is being analysed that instead of going for Su30 India should have opted for the French proposal for 150 Mirage 2000. They say that if that proposal was accepted IAF wouldn’t be starring at such low numbers today. The blame is being put on the 13 day stint in 1996 of NDA govt for approving to go for nuke test and 2nd to go for Su30.

The jokers firstly did not add 150 to 52 which would have given IAF just 202 Mirage 2000 against 272 SU MKI 30 which we have today at much cheaper rate. Next SU30 MKI was a govt to govt deal initiated by Narsimah Rao one of the best PM from the Congress stable and thanks to him that today IAF has something which is envied by even the USAAF. And only an enemy of India will criticize the decision to go nuclear.

The anti NDA lobby clearly exposes its anti national attitude by stating that India going after 14 seater, NAL designed SARAS was waste of money when HAL is building 19 seater imported Do228. It also blames NDA for rejecting Dornier proposal for 30 seater turboprop and Dornier Fairchild proposal for 44 seat regional jet.

Encouragement and development activity of HAL has, as per these chaps become Useless waste of money for developing IJT 36, BTT 40 and spend tax payer money on planes that are not needed, when the international norm is for BTT, AJT, LIFT, then fighter jet.

Army Selected T90S in 1998 after a longish trial started during Congress era but NDA us getting the blame as to why Army did not instead go for Arjun’s 1/2. Advice to such characters is that they should go and attend few courses at Armoured College at Ahmednagar.

Who says there us no rebirth. Paul Joseph Goebbels and his entire staff have again set office in India.

so judge for yourself whether it is INC OR BJP which party has caused problems for India Defense, become some of the biggest ills are courtesy of BJP/NDA.