Imran Khan The Pakistani Rakes Up Kashmir as Usual

Imran Khan The Pakistani Rakes Up Kashmir as Usual


Earlier he used to be just happy by winning cricket matches against India but now wants Kashmir instead. Though unlike a few mad Pakistanis he is fully well conversant with the might of India, so instead of throwing a challenge, he wants to resolve the issue of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir through dialogue.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan recently remarked something unsavoury regarding six civilians who were killed after an explosive went off at the terrorist hiding place in Kulgam district of Indian State of J&K.

“Strongly condemn the new cycle of killings of innocent Kashmiris….It is time India realise it must move to resolve the Kashmir dispute through dialogue in accordance with the UN SC resolutions & the wishes of the Kashmiri people,” he said.

Three terrorists were hunted down on Sunday by the security forces in Kulgam district, while six civilians lost their lives in a blast in the house where these filthy terrorists were hiding.

Khan has again spoken about Kashmir knowing fully well that In September, New Delhi had called off a meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan, citing killings of Indian security personnel by Pakistan-based entities and the release of Pakistani postage stamps glorifying a terrorist and terrorism.

Though Khan In his victory speech after the July elections, had expressed his willingness to improve Pakistan’s ties with India and said that his government would like the leaders of the two sides to resolve all disputes. However he had to include the “core issue” of Kashmir. He said good India-Pakistan relations will be beneficial for the entire region.

Yes it will certainly be beneficial if the forcibly occupied territory of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is returned to India ……because one day India is going to take it back. Then India has to ensure that People of Baluchistan too get their freedom from the oppressive and forcible occupation by Pakistan.