India To Roll Out 5G After Expelling Huawei

India To Roll Out 5G After Expelling Huawei


India To Roll Out 5G After Expelling Huawei

India and Japan are reportedly to tie-up in development of 5G technology, with the assistance of other QUAD dialogue members – the US, Australia and Israel.

Earlier India had welcomed Huawei for its 5G technology enhancement. However after Galwan incident, all Chinese companies have been unceremoniously thrown out. India will have no dealing with them, no matter what the cost escalation or delay in various projects. Now the prospects of the 5G cooperation between India and Japan has brightened and the latest move show that every one in Quad is ready to cooperate with each other.

Following the fatal border attack by PLA troops on Indian troops in June this year, India has made it very clear to China that henceforth there will be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL. India has now imposed a string of restrictions and outright bans on Chinese business and investments.

Last year and earlier, India had initially shunned Huawei’s 5G gears in the trial by its telecom operators and instead favored some European telecom equipment suppliers. Later India’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Sanjay Dhotre had said the government had no plan to exclude Huawei and ZTE from its 5G network infrastructure rollout.

However now India has decided that it will not have any business dealing with a country which attacks and kills our troops.

India has thus excluded the Chinese tech players in the development of its 4G and 5G networks due to LAC clashes. New Delhi is also demonstrating its alignment with other international players in a broader strategy against Chinese technology players.