Karan Oberoi sent to judicial custody for 14 days, lawyer to apply...

Karan Oberoi sent to judicial custody for 14 days, lawyer to apply for bail tomorrow


Karan Oberoi sent to judicial custody for 14 days, lawyer to apply for bail tomorrow

The bail application for actor Karan Oberoi, who was arrested on Sunday for allegedly raping a fashion designer-and-healer, will be filed tomorrow. Police custody was rejected by the court.

On Thursday morning, actor-author-columnist Pooja Bedi, along with Karan Oberoi’s sister, Gurbani, and his friends (Sachin Shroff, Danny Fernandes, Anveshi Jain, Chaitanya Bhosle, Varkey Patani, Sherrin Verghese, Sudhanshu Pandey and his lawyer Dinesh Tiwari) gathered outside the Metropolitan Magistrate Court in Andheri, Mumbai, to rally to his defence and also help the #MenToo movement gather momentum. Around 1 PM, the actor-musician was sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

His lawyer Dinesh Tiwari will apply for bail tomorrow. He told Bombay Times, “The request of the police for custody has been rejected by the court.

We presented all the material, including everything that’s published in the newspaper, to indicate how this story has been created.

The court has accepted the submission and he will be in judicial custody for 14 days. We will apply for bail tomorrow.

When the police sought police custody for Karan Oberoi, we objected to it, pointing out how this fake case has been created out of nowhere and just because two people don’t get along, such allegations are created.

After hearing the argument at length, the court has sent Karan in judicial custody.” After the court’s decision, Karan’s friends hugged him as he was leaving and told him to stay strong.

Ahead of the hearing, talking to the media, Pooja Bedi, who has been vocal about her views on equal rights for men, said, “We have started the #MenToo movement based primarily on this case.

It is a complete violation of a man’s rights. Agar koi aurat aake rape case ka aarop lagaye, which turns out to be untrue, then, a man is defamed.

Even allegations like blackmail and extortion are very serious. When such allegations are levelled, it can ruin a man’s life and career.

In one of the past cases, a judge fined a woman Rs 500, but the man lost his reputation for life. What about that? We want to set an example with this case.

We are saying that this case is fake, because we have evidence to prove it and we have presented it in the public domain”.

On May 7, Pooja, along with Karan’s sister Gurbani and his music band mates and friends, Sherrin Verghese, Danny Fernandes, Chaitanya Bhosle, Varkey Patani, Sudhanshu Pandey, Anveshi Jain had held a press conference in support of him, where they also read out text messages sent by the girl to Karan between 2017-18.

Pooja added, “She is misusing the law. There are so many men whose life gets totally ruined because of such fake cases, where women slap an allegation on a man without realising the repercussions.

If a woman’s identity can be guarded when she files a case of rape, why isn’t a man’s identity also guarded until he is proven guilty? Also, I think it’s important to punish a woman if it’s proven that her allegations are fake and baseless.

In such cases, even a woman should be named and shamed. She should get severe punishment for doing such a thing to a man.

There have been many cases where the judge has said that not marrying someone (after being in a relationship) does not amount to rape.

There have been many cases to substantiate that. I am not reinventing the law. You cannot force somebody to marry you. We went to the police and showed them several messages sent by her; they were sent post the date of the alleged incident.

In those messages, she is asking for kisses and also telling him that he is not giving her attention. In one of the messages, she also says that it’s a one-sided relationship from her side.

The police told us that despite the evidence, they have to arrest him because of the due process of the law.

She lodged the FIR the day the HC went to holiday, so that he couldn’t even apply for bail. Everything she has done has been a set up from the beginning.