Mansarovar : China Needs To Vacate Areas Upto Nagari Perfecture In Tibet

Mansarovar : China Needs To Vacate Areas Upto Nagari Perfecture In Tibet


Mansarovar : China Needs To Vacate Areas Upto Nagari Perfecture In Tibet


Colonel Awadhesh Kumar, Special Forces,Veteran 

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The People’s Liberation Army of China forcefully captured and enslaved one of the most the peaceful people on this earth….the Tibetans. In doing so it also captured one of the most holy place of the Hindus ….the Mansarovar.

Nehru not only gave away Tibet, he also gave away our holiest land to the Chinese in the name of Panchsheel and false sense of Secularism.

For the last 65 years Indians have been waiting patiently for sense to prevail on the Chinese mind, that they return areas of Ngari prefecture to India, so that the ancient Mansarovar Lake and Kailash is back with India. Freedom of rest of Tibet can then be negotiated in the utmost peaceful manner possible.

Instead, now the Chinese by attacking 16 BIHAR have created an explosive problem at the LAC in Ladhak to test the resolve of India. Next they are likely to stop the Mansarovar Yatra as they had done in Sikkim a few years back.

The funny thing is that Chinese have blamed the Indian military for provoking trouble along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladhak as they had done few months back and even earlier in Sikkim.

They have also warned that they will defend their “legitimate rights” against any kind of provocation. As if India is not ready to defend its legitimate claim over Mansarovar, Occupied areas of Ladhak and POK.

The PLA indicated it was the Indian military which triggered trouble, leading to the altercation between the two militaries in the mountainous region leading to 20 deaths on Indian side and over 40 on the Chinese side. Thankfully the trouble created by the Chinese Army has not led to exchange of fire as has been happening on the LC with Pakistan.

The Indian Tibetan border has been delineated by historical visits since start of recorded history in 123 BC. The last three have been when General Zorawar had gone inside Tibet, later when British expedition led by Younghusband in 1902 had been there and finally in 1913 in Shimla.

After the independence of India, the Indian government took control of existing border with Tibet acknowledging that there was no objection to the existing border between the two sides till issue of Mansarovar was finally resolved.

Therefore the construction of the Aksai Chin roads starting in 1950s by the Chinese side was an entirely illegal act in the Indian territory, and the Indian side rightly objected to the same. Finally Chinese tried to coerce India by invading it in 1962. The problem persisted and a severe drubbing given to China in 1967 in Sikkim area.

This kept them quiet for a long time. Though again in May this year they started trouble in Sikkim area. The PLA unilaterally provoked trouble, in violation of the agreement between the two sides, seriously endangering peace and tranquillity in the border areas. It may now try and hurt the religious feeling of the millions of Indians by interfering with Mansarovar Yatra next year.

Chinese must understand that India was fully committed to building bilateral ties with China but is firmly ready to defend its rights.. It is hoped that the China meets India halfway and not create any complication on the border issue and jointly maintain the good momentum of development of bilateral relations. It will be the best solution for both the sides.