Pakistan Now Determined To Fight Islamophobia

Pakistan Now Determined To Fight Islamophobia


Pakistan Now Determined To Fight Islamophobia

As per Imran Khan Islamophobia has grown at an alarming pace after the 9/11 attacks and is creating divisions among people, with wearing of hijab becoming a “weapon” against the Islamic community in some countries. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said all this at the United Nations but failed to analyze as to why ?

Khan, who is currently on a week-long visit to the US, delivered his maiden address to the United Nations General Assembly and Concentrated on just Islamophobia and Kashmir barely touching upon important issues, like climate change, money laundering and terrorism.

Khan spoke of millions of Muslims living as minorities in the western countries and since 9/11 attacks Islamophobia had grown at an “alarming” pace.

“Islamophobia is creating divisions, hijab is becoming a weapon; a woman can take off clothes but she can’t put on more clothes. It started after 9/11 and it started because certain western leaders equated Islam with terrorism,” he said. Khan Sahib failed to answer the major question that is why 99% terrorists were followers of Islam Religion, the most peaceful.

Khan questioned the use of the term ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, saying there is only one Islam.

“There is no such thing as radical Islam,” he said, pointing out that all religions have individuals carrying out radical acts. However it happens that all the terrorists belong to just one religion.

“The basis of all religions is compassion and justice which differentiates us from the animal kingdom,” he said.

The prime minister told the UN that there should be an understanding for other faiths, but they are seen as creating division among global population.

Khan said the radical Islamic terrorism used by leaders has caused Islamophobia and pain for Muslims.

“What message does this (the term) send? How is a person in New York going to distinguish between moderate Muslims and radical Muslims?” he asked.

“In European countries it is marginalising Muslims, and this leads to radicalisation. Some of the terrorists were from marginalised Muslim communities. We Muslim leaders have not addressed this issue. The Muslim leaders all became moderates and our government coined a phrase ‘enlightened moderation’,” he said.

Khan’s remarks came a day after he announced that Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia have decided to jointly launch an English language Islamic television channel to correct misperceptions and confront the challenges posed by Islamophobia.

“President Erdogan, PM Mahatir and myself had a meeting today in which we decided our three countries would jointly start an English language channel dedicated to confronting the challenges posed by Islamophobia and setting the record straight on our great religion – Islam,” Khan said in a tweet.

“Misperceptions which bring people together against Muslims would be corrected; issue of blasphemy would be properly contextualized; series and films would be produced on Muslim history to educate/inform our own people and the world; Muslims would be given a dedicated media presence,” he said.