Pakistan terms India’s Kashmir move ‘irresponsible, irrational’

Pakistan terms India’s Kashmir move ‘irresponsible, irrational’


Pakistan terms India’s Kashmir move ‘irresponsible, irrational’

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan not knowing how to react, had just about condemned the Indian action as “irresponsible, unilateral and irrational behaviour”.

Knowing fully well that they can do nothing else except appeal to UNCLE SAM, both the civilian and military leaderships of Pakistan are now trying to tell Uncle and all those who will listen that New Delhi was destabilising the region.

With Indian Government taking even the next step, that of bifurcating the State into two and further downgrading J&k to an Union Territory, now they will know how much spunk Trump has to open his mouth on the subject.

Khan was speaking at a meeting of Pakistan’s National Security Committee in the capital Islamabad on Sunday, following an escalating action by India in with the deployment of thousands of Central Police Forces, to round up the separatist elements and maintaining complete law and order.

“The recent Indian measures will increase the levels of violence and turn this area into a flashpoint and a destabilising factor in the midst of two strategically capable neighbouring countries,” said the Government of Pakistan. Now the time has come for Pakistan to show case its Strategic Capability to the World. India has done what PM Modi said.

Pakistan has tried four times to grab J&K and in the bargain lost half of its territory. Now if it tries any thing then it may vanish from the World map.

Pakistan is now shouting “Pakistan remains ready to defend itself against any Indian misadventure or aggression and will continue to provide all out diplomatic, moral and political support to the brave people of Kashmir in their indigenous struggle to get justice and their right to self-determination in line with United Nations Security Council resolutions.”

Well the next Indian move may very well be to fulfill the pending UN resolution by ensuring that Pakistani Forces vacate every inch of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

After Pulwama, India just launched airstrikes on terrorist camps in retaliation against an attack in Kashmir by the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Muhammad group. However in case of any fresh terrorist attack of similar nature, Indian Army may decide to liberate entire POK.

Pakistan denied any involvement in the attack, but retaliated militarily with airstrikes of its own, hitting just uninhabited areas of in Jammu Sector. Those strikes prompted an aerial dogfight that saw at least one PAF F16 getting shot down by a vintage Indian MIG 21 fighter jet.

Pakistan is also trying to appeal to Uncle Sam by using the Afghan card. It is saying that the escalation in Kashmir was coming at a time “when Pakistan and the international community are focused on resolving the Afghan conflict”.

Pakistan claims that it has been playing a role in arranging peace talks between the United States and Afghan Taliban, an ongoing process to end the 18-year war in Pakistan’s northwestern neighbour.

After his recent visit to Washington, Khan claimed “President Trump offered to mediate on Kashmir. This is the time to do so as situation deteriorates there and along the [Line of Control] with new aggressive actions being taken by Indian occupation forces”.

Pakistan has been lobbying at international forums such as the United Nations and Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) against the crackdown.

On Saturday, it condemned the alleged use of “cluster munitions” by Indian security forces in firing across the Line of Control, the de facto border between India-administered and Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and said at least six civilians had been killed and 48 wounded in Indian firing since July 19.

India will henceforth just ignore the very existence of Pakistan …..why should we Indian recognise the Radcliffe Line at all. No Afghani –individual or Government recognizes the Durand Line .