PM Oli floats an ‘Emergency’ plan to keep his chair intact, Prez...

PM Oli floats an ‘Emergency’ plan to keep his chair intact, Prez is non-committal


PM Oli floats an ‘Emergency’ plan to keep his chair intact, Prez is non-committal

Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is struggling to retain power, recently discussed the feasibility of declaring a health emergency, ostensibly to contain spread of Covid-19 infection

Nepal PM Oli wants to declare a health emergency but there are many who are not in favour.

Political crisis continues unabated in Nepal with Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli meeting President B.D. Bhandari to ostensibly discuss the implementation of health emergency in the country to contain the spread of Covid-19 infection in the Himalayan nation.

The declaration of health emergency will also give respite to the Prime Minister who is facing staunch opposition within his own party for lop-sided foreign policy.

According to sources, President Bhandari was non-committal towards the imposition of health emergency. Instead asked the PM to ensure that political differences between leaders are settled through discussions. The powerful Nepalese Army is also not in favour of deploying troops for health emergency.

While PM Oli is again scheduled to meet Nepalese Communist Party Co-Chairman P.K. Dahal today to resolve political differences, the former has made it very clear that he will not put in his papers under any circumstances even if it leads to splitting of the party. The two NCP Co-Chairs had more than two hours of discussions yesterday but without any result.

A meeting of the standing committee of the party is scheduled tomorrow with majority of members against PM Oli but the passing of any resolution requires signatures of both Oli and Dahal.

In case the resolution passes through the standing committee, it goes to central committee, where again PM Oli supporters are in a minority.