Revamp your room

Revamp your room


Revamp your room



Venessa Anthony

Your room is where you live; you sleep, you eat, you read, you chill. It’s so important that you don’t get sick of being in your room. This past lockdown has made me despise my room, I was looking at it 24 hours a day. So, I decided to go for a little revamp. Here’s how you can make your room more aesthetically pleasing!

Add a plant

Plants are a very calming presence. They just liven up your room. You can invest in a few hanging plants and add them over your window or your bed. You can even add some fairy lights into the mix for an overall magical effect.

I’m not a big fan of fake plants because they seem so static and they get dusty and it kind of creeps me out now so I try to avoid fake plants and opt for real plants instead. If you do get real plants, then remember to take care of them. Dead plants are not the best look!

Change your lighting

A change in lighting can bring about a huge change in your room. It’ll look totally different. Get some LED strips and line them up on the top of your walls.

These lights come in an array of colours; you can pick your favourite. A candle would also be great for mood lighting, a scented candle will also make your room smell phenomenal. Aesthetics include smell too.

Obviously, everyone’s styles and tastes are different and you might be into a more minimalist look. Alternatively, you can get a bedside lamp to go with the theme of your room.

Rearrange your furniture

If you ever get bored of how your room looks, and want a fresh, new change, then you’d be surprised at how much of a difference moving around your furniture makes. Change it up in a way that makes your room more spacious and lets in natural lighting. Don’t be afraid to try different places out.

Take out a ruler and start measuring, because sometimes your eyes may perceive an object to be smaller and your room to be bigger than it actually is or vice versa. So, you never really know how things are gonna fit but it’s all about experimenting and playing around with it.

You can also add a string light around some of your furniture and accessories. These lights would look great wrapped around your mirror.

Decorate your walls

Here’s where all of your pop culture interests come in! Grab your posters, your tapestries anything you want, and hang them up! Don’t worry about making it clustered, its what you love, you unlikely to get sick of looking at it, and if you do, then you can always take it down!

If you’re not a fan of posters, hang a few tapestries for a graphic look. If you’re into art, then you can even paint the tapestries by yourself.

A photo wall is also a fun idea! Print out some photos of your favourite memories, and stick up in an aesthetically pleasing manner. You’ll have something to look at that brings you a sense of happiness and nostalgia.

Stay organised

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s crucial to stay organised in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing room! Staying on top of it and keeping your room clean and organised will allow you to truly relax instead of worrying about having to clean up a mess all the time.

Take a few minutes to put clothes away instead of leaving them on the floor or on your clothes pile chair; wipe off countertops each time they get disgusting, and clear up the clutter whenever it starts to build. You might not notice the impact it makes on your life on a daily basis, but it will be much less of a pain in the long run.