The Ultimate Landgrabber

The Ultimate Landgrabber


 The Ultimate Landgrabber


Col Krityanand Das

China the Civilizational Land Grabber: China has 23% of the world population to feed with hardly 7% of the world’s arable land. Food has always been a big problem for the chinese, specially the peasantry. That’s why you have Chinese eating everything possible, be it rat, cat, bat, thin, thick, lean or fat!

Famine have been frequent due to paucity of grain, unlike in in India where it has often been due to apathy of the rulers. Like famine in Gujarat caused due to construction of Tajmahal at Agra as grains were diverted to feed the construction site, which lasted for over two decades. Then in 1943, when Churchill diverted grains to England depriving Bengal of its stocks.

Therefore Chinese are very protective of what ever land they have. They made 2500 KM long wall on its northern frontiers to protect it from the nomads from the north, Saka, Kushan, Hun, Turk, Mongol and Manchus that kept breeding in the Altai Mountains and the wide space of the Eurassian Steppe.

Over the years Walls became part of the Chinese culture. Its space in Chinese painting is very large. And have made them very protective as well. Their perpetual pangs of hunger made them hungry not only for food but also food producing lands. And made China an expansionist civilization. From a relatively small area between it’s two great rivers, tucked in north east called China Proper, the cradle of the Han people, over millenniums it has grown into the the size, it is now. 60% of her land happens to be of its neighbours, Inner Mongolia(South Mongolia), Xinjiang (Eastern Turkistan), Tibet and Yunnan in south and Manchuria in north.

By her this tendency of occupation, it has been pushing many people as well into others courtyards. As we got the Sakas, Kushan who came into India and Iran. Huns, Turks, Mongols and Manchus mastered the art of horse riding and archery and were far ahead of the old civilizations to deal. They went far and wide China, India, Iran, Levant and Europe. Only Munchus remained exclusively China bond and China got all these occupied lands during the Manchus reign and quickly reoccupied them again once the communist came into power in 1949 on wards. And keeps uttering events of hardly a century old as from time immemorial.

Her recent expansionist tendency is for move in to Africa. Where alone she can establish her colonies as did the Europeans. Hence her presence in Africa is so massive. Where both grains can be grown and minerals can be exploited and hazardous industries can be established more easily than anywhere else in world due to the expanse of confinement, less population, its backwardness and poverty. CPEC, is just the high way for her colonization of Africa, South of Sahara.

At the top of CPEC, is empty expanse of Baluchistan, a perfect staging grounds with a deep sea port of Gwadar. From where she can command both the hydrocarbon reserves of Persia and Arabia and control of continent of Africa.

Corona virus has been used by the Chinese to put the rest of the world on hold. Without any loss of time China has disturbed its neighbourhood from in east with Taiwan, South China Sea, in its south, from Sikkim to Ladakh. And in west it has claimed entire Kazakhstan as historically belonging to china.

The prestent Indian government has taken up many strategic subjects quietly dumped into dustbin due to lack guts and vigour by previous governments like Kashmir and infrastructural development along the Tibetan frontiers. Present government has started both with vigour and resolve. Both these have put scare in to Xi’s China dream.
Construction of road in Ladakh along the LAC and the improvement of air field has made China jittery. Bifurcation of J & K and Ladakh and making them into Union Territories has also caused worry to the Chinese. Talk of taking back POK and Gilgit-Baltistan has become a possible threat to the CPEC and ruination of it investments and arrival of a pointed spoke close to the Xi the Africus’s China dream balloon.

May be we may have to keep the entire Tibetan frontier manned. So be it. Can we trust China any longer? With all the recent happenings.
Incase our Tibetan frontiers are manned, then, besides protecting our territories, we may also energize freedom movements in both Tibet and Xinjiang. That will increase pressure on China and divert its resources. And posse constant threat to Gilgit-Baltistan and Chinese assets of CPEC.

Now is the time to be proactive and not remain mere reactive to Chinese moves. We have done that for to long. And at the end we have lost both peace of mind as well our piece of land. When it is matter of national interest and integrity, then cost cannot be a restrain.

We have been avoiding conflict with China. But China has been pushing it at us. Not only that it has been disturbing our neighbourhood as well. Popping up one proxy after the other.

In this Asian Century, the Asian counties will clash and go through conflicts. It will be difficult to avoid so better get mentally and physically ready for it. Proxies of China will have to be destroyed. We will have to punch our weight. We will have to improve ties with old allies and make new ones. Who may stand with us in both peace and war.

We will have to have friends who will prick China’ soft belly in the SEAsia and we will have to threaten is cargoes in the Indian Ocean and disturb her trade and imports of her mineral supplements and energy requirements.

It’s time we also put few dash lines on the Subcontinental boundaries where only our interest run supreme.

Time we moved head from mere rhetoric of Akhand Bharat.

Time we gave a push to Pax Indica!