Vegetarian Treasury (Part 4) : Creamy Soya Curry

Vegetarian Treasury (Part 4) : Creamy Soya Curry


Vegetarian Treasury (Part 4) : Creamy Soya Curry

Soya Chunks Masala Recipe with video and stepwise photos. Creamy and rich soya chunks masala that goes well as a side dish with chapathis, pooris and any pulao variety.

Make this soya vadi masala in a jiffy by using the pressure cooker.

Soya chunks adds a good source of much needed protein to meet our daily dietary requirement.

It is 100% gluten free and makes an amazing protein alternative for vegans.

All of us at home either prefer a semi dry side dish or a creamy gravy.

We do not care for any dish in which the gravy separates into a watery mess a while after cooking and that always used to happen whenever I used to cook soya masala.

My boys especially don’t like such dishes when I pack it for them in their lunch boxes.

That is why I normally would stick to making this soya chunks peas pulao or this soya chukka.

Until I started making it this for a thicker & creamier gravy which does not separate or water out some time after cooking it.

Soya masala

What else can be added to the masala?

  • You can add other vegetables like, carrot, peas, potato cubes etc along with soya.
  • You can also follow the same recipe with any soaked legumes instead of using soya chunks.
  • You can also follow the same method by using either tofu or paneer cubes.

Points to note while making soya vadi masala:

  • Adding milk instead of water to get a gravy with smooth consistency.
  • A squeeze of lemon along with coriander leaves would elevate the taste but I did not have on hand.
  • I usually use bengal gram flour (besan) but if I do not have it on hand, I powder roasted gram dal or the chutney dal in the mixer jar and use that instead which provides the same result.
  • You can also use powdered nuts like cashew nuts or almonds which will not only make the gravy more rich but also very creamy as well.
  • Instead of regular yogurt, either add coconut yogurt or cream for the vegan option.

Let’s make the masala:

1. Prepare the soya chunks by adding it to hot water and rest it till use.

2. Take all the ingredients for the paste & grind to a smooth consistency without adding water.

3. Heat a pan with oil and add the ground paste.

4. Add the spice powders to the gravy.

5. Add whisked curd

6. Add besan or chutney dal powder and mix well.

7. Add rinsed soya chunks.

8. Add salt to taste.

9. Add enough water to the masala & mix.

10. Close with lid and pressure cook.

11. Open lid after pressure releases & mix well.

12. Garnish with coriander leaves and a squeeze of lemon.