Why Kundli Matching is Important for marriage ? Know the correct answer.

Why Kundli Matching is Important for marriage ? Know the correct answer.


Importance Guna Milan in Birth Chart

The more deep we go into Hinduism, more astonished we would be to learn its knowledge is never-ending; and nothing that exists does so without a logical explanation.

A human life comprises of 3 major stages: Birth, Procreation and Death. And according to Hindu scriptures, everything other than these can be predicted through astrology.

Knowledge of hinduism

In Hinduism, right after birth, the field of astrology comes into action. With the calculations based on one’s birth date, time and planetary motions at the time of birth, future events like, a person’s personality, their life, marriage, academics, married life, progeny, etc., can be predicted.

Gunas in humans

Based on these calculations, humans are categorised under three Gunas- Dev (Sattva), Manushya (Rajasic), and Rakshas (Tamasic). Although, Guna has several meanings and definitions, depending on the context it’s used in, but in Hinduism it symbolises ‘quality’.

Hindu scriptures

According to Samkhya philosophy, every living entity comes under these three gunas- Sattva (driven by virtuous and harmonious), Rajasic (driven by passion, ego and confusion) and Tamasic (driven by darkness, impurity, chaos, negativity, etc.) These Gunas not only shapes and influences one’s personality, but also indicates how well a person acquaints with other individuals.

Chanpter 18 of holy Bhagvada Gita states
Action that is virtuous, thought through, free from attachment, and without craving for results is considered Sattvic; Action that is driven purely by craving for pleasure, selfishness and much effort is Rajasic; Action that is undertaken because of delusion, disregarding consequences, without considering loss or injury to others or self, is called Tamasic.

Category of humans

‘Sattvic’ guna well-describes Gods and Goddess, ‘Rajasic’ guna describes Lords in heaven, and ‘Tamacsic’ describes Rakshas. According to Samkhya, every human being is driven by his guna, be it their intellect, mind and body. Following slides would show how these Gunas categorize humans.

Dev (Sattva)

An individual born under this guna, is polite, kind, caring and thoughtful in nature and are driven by chastity, excellence and are highly respected due to their work. Their actions and words are intended to convey love and spread harmony. They never reciprocate with anything hurtful, damaging, insensitive and cruel. With their greatness and goodness, they can soothe, control and create a balance in the world.

Rakshasa (Tamasic)

These individuals are violent, rebellious and display a quality of ignorance, chaotic mind, impure soul, poor conscience, and are filled with negativity. They are driven by lust, disorder and their actions and words reek of destruction, apathy, and viciousness. Revenge is their weakness. If not controlled, they cause destruction around themselves in terms of relations, work, emotions, etc. They hardly believe in remorse and almost are emotionless.

Manushya (Rajasic)

These individuals are driven by passion, sometimes lust, and are egoistic. They are unpredictable; they may do and speak, good work and words, but can also be equally bad in the next moment and sometimes both. They are selfish and hardly care to bother for people around them. Self-centredness is their major characteristic. They are highly dynamic, and emotional for only things and people they care about.

Why Guna Mila is equally important?

In Kundli/Horoscope, Guna Milan carries 6 points of 36 required; and it plays a crucial role in marriage. Astrology explains that while looking for a significant partner, one must ensure they are from Gunas other than yours, or else it leads to destructive results.

Best Pairing of Gunas

For example, a Dev guna must marry either a Manushya or a Rakshas, as their personality would help in creating a balance in the relationship; likewise, for other gunas. If a person marries in the same guna, they may see conflicting personalities and find it hard to bring the balance in relationship.

Deva with Manushya

This relationship works great as the unpredictability, and confusing personality of the Manushya Guna is well-supported by the Deva. They help them clear of all conflicting thoughts in mind, provide a support that lets them grow and develop. Vice-versa, the Manushya Guna respects and protects the Deva Guna, when it comes to facing tiring conditions. Together, they balance a very healthy, supportive and nurturing relation and environment.

Manushya with Rakshasa

Together they adapt well in life and often complete the missing parts of puzzle. The Manushya Guna finds themselves exploring the goodness, kindness and purity in them, whenever a Rakshasa Guna gives them a tough time. Sometimes, the Rakshasa provides them the protection from savaging situations. Manushya Guna knows when to soothe and leave alone a Rakshasa Guna.

Deva with Rakshasa

With two extreme personalities, expect some spark, but all in good spirits. Both help each other grow. While Deva provides the warmth, love, whole-heartedness and care in the relationship, Rakshasa Guna instils the strength, stability and protection in it. The rebellion nature of Rakshasa can only be tamed by Deva guna, and help them avoid creating destruction and hurt by neutralizing the effect of their words and actions.