1380 Million Indians Give A Damn To New York Times Reporting

1380 Million Indians Give A Damn To New York Times Reporting


1380 Million Indians Give A Damn To New York Times Reporting

The NYT thinks that its reporting are great and read by the entire world. Whereas in reality not more than five percent Indians read its news and even they know how biased most of the reporting a are. The rest of the 124 millions do not even care if NYT exists, it’s a newspaper or a TV channel or a propaganda machine.

So this newspaper of a city called New York has been criticizing the Government of India for trying to “disrupt “ the working of WORLD HEAKTH ORGANIZATION. How can an Asian Country dare to question the WHO, that is the prerogative of the chosen few only ? Well NYT should know that now India will question any idiotic report rendered on the country and will do so in in not only a very blunt manner but also pay back in the same coin.

In the present case, WHO has been bluntly told that its methodology of calculating deaths due to COVID 19 or the Wuhan Virus has been grossly wrong. The organization has very cleverly used different yardsticks for a given set of countries. So India is now insisting on the sharing of all the technical data and the final results for all tier 1 countries.

However a few jokers in the NYT have run a story that India is trying to stall the report of the WHO with respect of number of COVID deaths pertaining to India. The official world wide deaths are 6 millions but WHO calculations estimates 15 millions. The Indian figures are 1million deaths but WHO calculation insists that it is 4 millions.

Clever people doing the WHO analysis have taken mortality figures directly from Tier –1 set of countries, while for countries like India it uses a mathematical modelling process. China, Iran, Bangladesh, Syria, Ethiopia and Egypt have been bracketed similarly by use of “unofficial sets of data”, says the Indian ministry of health.

“It is very surprising that while NYT purportedly could obtain the alleged figures of excess Covid-19 mortality in respect to India, it was ‘unable to learn the estimates for other countries’,” health ministry said. This is how the IDIOTS of NYT have been exposed.

Strongly criticising the UN body for its methodology, the health ministry said the concern specifically includes on how the statistical model projects estimates for a country of geographical size and population of India and also fits in with other countries, which have smaller population.

“Such one-size-fits-all approach and models which are true for smaller countries like Tunisia may not be applicable to India with a population of 1.3 billion. WHO is yet to share the confidence interval for the present statistical model across various countries,” it said.

Besides, the model gives two highly different sets of excess mortality estimates of when using the data from Tier-I countries and when using unverified data from 18 Indian states. Such wide variation in estimates raises concerns about not only the validity of data, validity of methodology but also the IQ of the people carrying out the analysis.

Of course if the IQ level and commonsense of the WHO passes muster, then the Sinister side of data manipulation comes out as the Naked Truth. So 1380 million Indians give a damn about NYT catering to 330 million Americans.