‘American Dreams’ of Afghan Hindus, Sikhs delay airlift

‘American Dreams’ of Afghan Hindus, Sikhs delay airlift


‘American Dreams’ of Afghan Hindus, Sikhs delay airlift

The dream of going to America or Canada is delaying the evacuation from Kabul of many Sikhs and Hindus living in Afghanistan. All Indian officials Coordinating the evacuation have alerted those Hindu and Sikh Afghanis to quickly decide before the Indian government concludes its rescue operation. 

Around 70 to 80 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus in Gurdwara Karte Parwan did not want to migrate to India as they are more keen on moving to Canada or the US, stated Indian World Forum president Puneet Singh Chandhok. These Afghan nationals were not only creating obstacles in the evacuation process but also delaying the evacuation of others, he said.

Such people should be just left behind because they certainly seems to have no love lost for India. Instead priority should be given to other needy Afghan citizens.

“India is facilitating these people at the highest level, yet they have missed flights twice in order to travel to the US or Canada,” he alleged. In the first video released by Afghan Sikhs and Hindus after taking shelter in Gurdwara Karte Parwan, one of their leaders, Talwinder Singh, had specifically stated that they would like to migrate to Canada or the US.

Sources said that a Sikh organisation had assured evacuation of all Afghan Sikhs and Hindus in a chartered plane following which around 100 had arrived outside Kabul airport but could not gain entry. It was not clear whether or not a chartered flight was waiting for them.

A source in Afghanistan said, “What is the harm in seeking migration to the US or Canada? We know the fate of those who migrated to India. There are no job opportunities and many of them either returned or moved to other countries”. Imagine India getting burdened with Such kind of people ?