Barkha Dutt At It Once Again – This Time runs to WASHINGTON...

Barkha Dutt At It Once Again – This Time runs to WASHINGTON POST for her Rants


Barkha Dutt At It Once Again – This Time runs to WASHINGTON POST for her Rants

Dated : 11 Dec 2020 (IST)

The majority of Indians are very clear where they personally stand on the Farm Acts passed by the Parliament recently to replace the old anti farmer laws.

So what the protests are really challenging is the strike on the Middle Man who make all the profit and earn in millions while both the farmers and the consumers suffer.

Parliament passed the laws amid raucous and hostile scenes from the opposition as many of them are on the same side of the Middle Man Lobby.

Economists too believe the farm legislations are a worthy reform as middlemen have long mediated the relationship between India’s farmers and the market.

These laws passed by the Sovereign Parliament and being implemented by the government, will allow farmers to sell directly to retailers and thus earn more.

However Middleman are confusing the Farmers by stating that both prices and demand will be pushed down as giant private conglomerates buy in bulk, and that they would be at the mercy of these big businesses. Farmers need to realize themselves as to how ADHATIYAS were exploiting them since last 20 years.

What to talk about a few farmers, people like PM of Canada too has jumped into the fray without evening reading anything about the Farm Act. He needs to first restore all the land confiscated from the original Canadians ….The Eskimos and the Red Indians and then only rant on something not concerning him at all.

The uttering of Trudeau on the farmers agitation has triggered a diplomatic row between Canada and India. It seems Canada has not learnt much from the tight slap it received from China in the Huawei affair.

The farming legislation fits into the Modi government’s pattern of enacting, solid corrective measures that shake up the status quo of the Corrupts.

In 2016, the government had demonetized the currency which has curbed generation of black money and unaccounted economical activities by over 90 %.

In 2019, the government abrogated Kashmir’s special status which has cut the roots of the separatists who have been looting the poor Kashmiris since 1950s. Such measures are a sign of confidence and conviction of emerging new India.

To the Congress and its allies organizing such protests are the only way to keep themselves in the limelight and journalists like Barkha Dutt who now has few takers in India, no wonder have to run to the Washington Post.

At the protest site, huge “langars” or free community kitchens, have been set up. Men gather around giant metal cauldrons, stirring pulses and curries as they cook on a slow fire; others chop vegetables through the night so that by the time the sun rises food can be served to hundreds of attendees.

Where were these Langars when the real farm workers, the Farm labourers from UP and Bihar were walking back from Punjab to their native lands in wake of the Wuhan Virus Lock Down ?

So it is very obvious that anti government lobbies are providing all the funds and organizing things to keep the protests alive.

Majority of the farmers in rest of India are not backing this agitation and have welcomed the new Act.

Despite the fact that many of protestors don’t understand the new legislation, the widespread sentimental solidarity with “farmers “ in Punjab is there because people cannot differentiate between the clever ADHATIYAS and the actual farmers.

Selected Punjabi actors, singers and athletes are rallying behind farmers. Some prominent writers and athletes are even returning the awards and medals they have received from the Indian state. All the gimmicks and tactics used in various types of ANTI MODI rallies earlier are being used once again

Barkhaji, the majority if the Indian population works in agriculture and they have welcomed the new Farm Act, the moral force of the majority of Indian farmer cannot be underestimated and will not be affected by articles in your Washington Post.