China Cannot Sit With India and Sup with Terrorists In Pakistan Simultaneously

China Cannot Sit With India and Sup with Terrorists In Pakistan Simultaneously


China Cannot Sit With India and Sup with Terrorists In Pakistan Simultaneously

India and China are not enemies and have co existed peacefully since thousand of years, except for the border skirmish in 1962 in which three Chinese Armies (Indian Corps equivalent) attacked three Indian Infantry brigades in Chusul area, Tawang Area and Walong area in 1962 and succeeded to quite an extent.

However in 1967 in Sikkim area it was the turn of the Chinese to be at the receiving end. Since then except for posturing around there has been All Quiet On The Northern Front.

The relations between the two countries have improved since Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi held an informal summit in 2018 in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province.

Beijing and New Delhi have reached an important consensus which should be the corner stone of relationship between the two countries if implemented genuinely.

However China cannot talk peace with India on one hand and at the same time do back scratching with the terrorists and their backers, the Government of Pakistan. The major problem that India is facing at the moment is Terrorism in Kashmir. India is now determined to erase this terrorism, come what may.The same problem is simmering in the Xingjian Province of China, with the potential of unravelling China when it explodes.

This explosion will be sooner than later, if Azhar Mahsood and his terrorist gangs operating from Pakistan are not hunted down. The Chinese economy is slowing down and the dynamics of slow progress with hardly any reforms in democracy will lead to asking of hard questions by the people of China. The Chinese Communist system and centralized dictatorship also increases internal pressures without any outlets for pressure release.

So when CPEC collapses with break up of Pakistan, then Chinese investments will be wiped out, which may lead to questioning of Xi Jinping himself. Even the people of Tibet are chaffing to throw away the Chinese Occupation Force, sitting there since 1959, from the Tibetan soil.

As the largest democracy in the World, population wise, India a neighbours of China has been trying to promote good relations. And it would be dangerous if China especially during the up coming general elections in India tries to back terrorism and Pakistan, against India.

As it is by their demonstrated action the “China threat theory” is enough to boost nationalism in India. Any backing to terrorism by China may help Pakistani politicians and Pakistan Army to ensure control over Pakistan but it will not help improve Pakistani economy, manufacturing or people’s livelihoods.

In fact China must advice Pakistan that If it only shouts hollow slogans but fails to act against the terrorist groups its real scrouge, the country will not be able to find its way out.

Angered by Chinese backing to Pakistani terrorists, many Indian traders have already started appealing for a boycott of Made-in-China products. Especially after India’s latest bid to list Masood Azhar as a global terrorist in the UN was opposed by China, the hashtag “#BoycottChineseProducts” became popular on Twitter. The boycott us gaining rapid momentum and China will soon realize its implications.

China is unaware of the determination and resolve of the Indian people. Like it or not, Indians will not use Chinese-made products even when such products are not made in India. India may lack the ability to produce certain items on a large scale but they will voluntarily stop using goods made in China, under any brand name.

There is a trade deficit problem between China and India, which needs to be resolved through negotiation and consultation. China must also try to increase its agricultural imports from India to improve the two countries’ trade imbalance. China’s attitude must be consistent in China-India friendship talks.

As India’s general election will take place from April 11 to May 19.