China has no capability to invade and Capture Taiwan

China has no capability to invade and Capture Taiwan


China has no capability to invade and Capture Taiwan

Two Su-35 fighter jets and a H-6K bomber fly in formation. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air force conducted patrol training over China’s island of Taiwan

The Wall Street Journal’s Thursday has recently reported that about two dozen members of US special operations and support troops have been secretly operating in Taiwan to train military forces there for at least a year. This has attracted extensive attention In the Chinese media. Both the USA and Taiwan declined to comment on the report.

However the US has given out the news through anonymous officials, as a warning to the Communist China,not to take any further action to provoke Taiwan. This news may be a step forward for the establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Taiwan. Once this is done then many other countries will soon follow.

The US dispatching military personnel to the island of Taiwan is a very heartening matter for not only Taiwan but for all other countries in the Region. The US, out of the need for providing after-sales training to Taiwan’s military forces, had also sent military personnel to the island in the past, but it did so quietly. The US now attempts to send a strong signal to Communist China by publicizing such operations.

It has chosen a sensitive time: Aircraft of the PLAAF conducted large-scale exercises near the island of Taiwan during the National Day holidays,at times even intruding into Taiwanese air defence zone causing world wide sensation. Mean while high-level Chinese and US officials had held meeting in Zurich and reached a certain consensus on alleviating bilateral relations.

China wants to get on the Taiwanese nerves directly and needle the Americans indirectly. This is a consistent tactic of the Chinese Communists. In fact they have been trying the same tactics against India after the PLA had to back down at Dokalam.

However they next also had to retreat at Maldives, received at bloody nose at Galwan, had set back all over the LAC in Chinese Occupied Ladhak and a few days back 200 of their soldiers were detained when they knowingly intruded into Arunachal.

The Communists must stop such new provocations against India or Taiwan or any other country. They must fully realize the severity of their actions. Otherwise, in the next step, US military staff may show up on Taiwan island, publicly wearing uniforms and their number may increase from dozens to hundreds or even more to form a de facto US garrison in the island.

Indian Army too may then go for all out support to the Tibetan people and to the Quighers, in their fight against Chinese occupation and atrocities.The World together must let the Communist China know that they are playing with fire which may provoke a war and the consequences of their acts will bring are unbearable miseries to the common people of China.

The US and Taiwan are most worried that the Communists are contemplating military preparations for attacking Taiwan. Though the PLA, PLAAF and PLAN all must be aware that they do not have the capability or the ability to Occupy Taiwan by force or force Taiwan authorities to surrender in a few years or even a longer period of time.

China has to be clearly told that any act to use force against US-Taiwan or against India will further reinforce the World’s resolve to realize the independence of the Tibetans and the Quighers from Chinese occupation. It will also accelerate overall preparations for military actions and lead the critical moment to come earlier. 

Second, both Taiwan and India must resolutely define any intrusion of Chinese troops in into Ladhak / Arunachal as an “invasion” of India’s Sovereignty respectively. In case this continues, then India will have the right to carry out military strikes against PLA at any time. US and Taiwan may take similar actions.

Once a war breaks out then Tibet will be be the first to be Liberated. Through such a declaration, we must make Beijing understand that it is playing a dangerous game that is destined to draw fire onto itself and it is risking the lives of young Chinese soldiers. 

Third, the Chinese must understand that In future India may take the initiative to decide the timetable of when to take actions and the country will make overall decisions. Now others won’t dance to the Chinese tune but will crush their tricks with strategic aggressiveness.

China is a nuclear power but then even India is a nuclear power. The Chinese have no absolute military advantage over India or for that matter even over Taiwan. Any rash decision by PLA is sufficient to enable the India Army to liberate Tibet sooner than later.

Similarly If the Chinese military participates any war against Taiwan, it will be severely hit by the Taiwanese Armed Forces and suffer unbearable losses. As China’s economic continues into a downside sanctions by others will have a deterrent effect. Resolving the Taiwan question through military means will always remain beyond the capability of the PLA, as US and AUCKUS and others will not sit back quietly.

However recently many articles by the Communist mouthpiece GLOBAL TIMES have been harping that as long as China can realize its sustainable development and national unity and the fundamental process of the mainland’s rise, it will only make it easier and less costly for the mainland to realize reunification by force, thus strengthening the mainland’s resolve.

The above process will certainly make the World a very dangerous place but more so for the Communist China.

The US will strengthen Taiwan island’s self-defense capabilities and increase its confidence in thwarting the PLA through training the island’s military forces.