China Worried With Modi’s Come Back

China Worried With Modi’s Come Back


China Worried With Modi’s Come Back

With about 900 million voters going to cast their ballot, the Indian elections spread over next One month plus started on 11th April. The results will be delivered only on the 23 May, Commenting on the whole process Chinese experts overtly say that whatever the results, the ties between the two countries will not be influenced.

Opinion polls and all indicators indicate that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi will win and make a come back with thumping majority. A few months back, a section of media was anticipating that it will be a hard fight with NDA coming back with a thin majority. This was due to the Opposition propaganda against the government and trying to harp on its inability to address high unemployment and falling incomes for farmers. Congress had managed a thin majority on these two planks only in elections to three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, just a few months back.

Qian Feng, a researcher at the Chinese Association for South Asian Studies in Beijing, told the Global Times that if Modi wins, China-India relations will likely continue with a positive development momentum, and India’s China policy will see continuity. On April 27 and 28 last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Modi at an informal summit in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province. Both sides reached a broad consensus on the overarching, long-term and strategic issues of global and bilateral importance, Xinhua reported.

What China is worried that when Modi returns with a bigger majority, then India will emerge a very strong country internationally. Then the World will have no options but to offer her the right full place as the permanent member of the Security Council.

However the mixed bag which will form the Government if Modi fails will ensure that India remains a dhoti shivering soft state always afraid of USA, China, Pakistan and any one else who decides to overlord it. As per the Chinese if Congress Party wins, it will not harm the current good ties with China. “Keeping good relations with China is for the national benefit of India. Also, it’s beneficial for the India-Pakistan relations.”

With India Balakoting Pakistan India after a suicide bombing which killed at least 40 Indian police in Indian-controlled Kashmir on February 14, entire Pakistan has been mentally paralyzed.The Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) group, sponsored by Pakistan claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. The firm resolve shown by the NDA Government has raised the morale of entire India and majority of Indians are now wishing for return of Modi.

Now China’s relations with Pakistan as well as India’s trade deficit with China are the two main China-related issues that both the elites and ordinary citizens care about in the election, Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh, an expert on India-China relations, told the Global Times. Modi said that India has differences with China, but “our objective is that these differences don’t turn into disputes And if there are such incidents, then we hold high-level talks. This is a continuous process,” he said.

However what is not acceptable to India is the double game being played out by China.While India has proposed listing Masood Azhar, leader of the JeM, as a global terrorist, China has put a l hold on the request at the UN because of its backing to Pakistan.Naturally people in India are not going to take it lying down and they have already decided to boycott China’s goods over this.

In India, people are aware that issues of divergence between the countries are complex. But fundamentally, everyone is for cooperation as equals. Though if any one tries to play games then India is now willing to act accordingly. There is no existential problem between India and China. As long as China keeps its hands off POK, India will keep off Tibet. As long as China keeps off Arunachal, India keeps of Aksai Chin and Taiwan. Therefore, cooperation should not be held to ransom by any ulterior motives.