This City And Not Delhi Was India’s Most polluted City On Diwali

This City And Not Delhi Was India’s Most polluted City On Diwali

Diwali Pollution
Diwali Pollution

Rajasthan’s Bhiwadi, which is infamous for its smoke-emitting industries, has now has got the dubious distinction of being the most polluted city in the country.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) issued a report on Diwalimentioning ambient air quality which has revealed pollution level in different cities of the country.


Diwali Pollution
Diwali Pollution

Bhiwadi situated in Alwar, which falls in Delhi-NCR, was rated as the most polluted city. Kolkata occupies the second spot, while Agra is the third most polluted city of the country.

In 2016, Agra was the most polluted city. The increasing air pollution in Bhiwadi is attributed to industries emitting harmful smoke. On Diwali, the situation worsened.

On October 19, CPCB had issued a report on Air Quality Index (AQI), which shows that the level of pollution in Bhiwadi was 425 micrograms per cubic metre. Kolkata has 358 micrograms per cubic metre while Agra recorded 332 micrograms per cubic metre of air pollution.

It is to be noted that ahead of Diwali even Supreme Court had expressed its concern on increasing levels of pollution in Delhi and imposed a ban on sale of crackers.

Despite all the measures, Bhiwadi was adjudged as the city with the highest pollution.

In the past too, concerned over the increasing levels of pollution in Bhiwadi, the National Green Tribunal had closed down factories causing pollution. But, alarmingly, even now the pollution levels are rising.

 Now, the effect of pollution is clearly evident on the health of the people. On Diwali, specialists in respiratory diseases and pulmonologists witnessed an increase in the number of patients coming for treatment.
Doctors claimed that due to rise in pollution levels on Diwali in Bhiwadi, more patients with respiratory problems are coming for treatment.

In such a situation, people vulnerable to respiratory diseases should take precautions like wearing masks. Winters will be harsher for such patients in Bhiwadi as fog will not allow pollution to subside.