Communist China Continues Throwing Comical Tantrums On Taiwan

Communist China Continues Throwing Comical Tantrums On Taiwan


Communist China Continues Throwing Comical Tantrums On Taiwan

Communist China leaders have been shouting hoarse that they will not accept an independent Taiwan. Naturally the throat will become soar if one is shouting NON STOP for the last 75 odd years.

Taiwan is a free Sovereign Country and will remain so as long as Taiwanese are ready to defend themselves. In case the Communists try and invade it, then rest of the free world will intervene and provide full material and moral support to Taiwan.

The Americans and possibly AUKUS will be sending their militaries also to defend the Sovereignty of Taiwan. No amount of sabre rattling by Communist China is going to change this pledge.

Recently after giving hundreds of warning of dire consequences to a small country like Lithuania, they have been unable to deter it from its friendship with Taiwan. So the Chinese finally to save face have downgraded their diplomatic relationship with Lithuania. The Lithuanians on their part care two hoots for such Chinese actions.

Now the Chinese are afraid that many other European nations may follow Lithuania and soon every other country will be establishing full diplomatic relationship with Taipei.

So the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wi has quickly stated that China has no intention of seeking conflict nor confrontation with any country, and has urged everyone not to play the Taiwan Card. Even India has started strengthening its trade relationship with Taiwan.

Chinese are trying to challenge both India and the US simultaneously. They have also been having solid trade and diplomatic troubles with Australia. They have already failed to make any dent on the LAC against India even after going on the offensive in Galwan Valley.

In fact that they received such a bloody nose and lesson in tactics that within a short span their Central Military Commission has changed the Western theatre Commander nearly four times. Now the rest of the World is watching and how the Chinese handle their relationship will define the future of the world.

China and the US, as the two largest developed economy of the World, also, must handle their bilateral relationship well, which will affect the future of the world. Only cooperation and win-win ties will be the the correct approach for both the sides.

China, India, USA all three have their interests deeply integrated, a zero-sum mentality with a stance of protectionism or isolation will only hurt all sides. The three countries must work together for a stable development and this can happen only after final solution to the border between India and Tibet and between Tibet and China, along with trade agreement between China and USA.

The Chinese declaration by it’s Foreign Minister, that China has no intention of having conflict or confrontation with other countries, and that it practices true multilateralism and safeguards the UN-based international system, are most welcome.

The Chinese comments were made after Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out three principles and four priorities for growing China-US ties in the new era during a virtual meeting with US President Joe Biden.

However, as usual, they could not avoid duplicity. So Xi also warned that the intention of Americans to use Taiwan to contain China is “just like playing with fire” and that “whoever plays with fire will get burnt. China won’t tolerate any secessionist behavior of separating the country, won’t accept any attempt of creating ‘two Chinas’ or ‘one China, one Taiwan’ on the global stage,” Wang said on Saturday, emphasizing that China’s stance of opposing “Taiwan independence” has been crystal clear and it takes much resolute measures in stopping secessionist attempts.