DMRC Takes An Innovative Step to enhance it’s Comfort Level

DMRC Takes An Innovative Step to enhance it’s Comfort Level


Delhi Metro to conduct customer satisfaction survey from tomorrow

Starting Monday (18 March), commuters of the Delhi Metro can participate in an online survey conducted by a global transport body across various parameters, including availability, accessibility, and security, officials said Sunday.

With the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) survey, the commuters will get an opportunity to put up ideas or complaints regarding their favorite transportation service in the national capital.

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Sixth Online Customer Satisfaction Survey from March 18-April 14

The Railway and Transport Strategy Center (RTSC) in London, which manages CoMET (Community of Metros) and Nova benchmarking groups, will be conducting the “Sixth Online Customer Satisfaction Survey” from March 18 to April 14.

“The aim is to know what the commuters think about various aspects of metro operations, and can give suggestions on improving the quality of service,” DMRC said in a statement.

Commuters who wish to participate in the survey can visit DMRC’s official website and submit it online by clicking on the relevant links. The survey form will be available in both English and Hindi.

The commuters will be able to give their feedback on all important aspects of metro functioning such as availability, accessibility, quality of service, customer care, safety, security, comfort, and crowding.

“This kind of survey organized by the RTSC is being conducted by metros across the world at the same time to find out what their passengers think of the service they provide,” the DMRC said.

“These metro organizations will compare the results of the surveys so that they can learn from each other and work toward giving customers even better service,” it said.