Fight Over Durand Line Leaves Three Killed and 20 Injured

Fight Over Durand Line Leaves Three Killed and 20 Injured


Fight Over Durand Line Leaves Three Killed and 20 Injured

Following deadly attacks on Pakistani troops, the Pakistani military has launched an operation along the Durand Line near Afghanistan. Fight between Afghan and Pakistani forces erupted over the Durand Line in the Spin Boldak district of Kandahar leaving three killed and 20 injured So far.

In addition 20 civilians have also been injured in the incident.

Asvaka News said, “Fighting has been raging in the Spin Boldak district of #Kandahar between #Taliban & #Paki forces on the #Durand Line since this afternoon. 20 Soldiers have been wounded along with 20 civilians injured so far. Civilians have fled their homes near the Durand Line.”

According to the sources in Kandahar, Pakistani border guards beat an Afghan child at the Spin Boldak Gate and Afghan security forces opened fire on Pakistani border guards in the area. The incident took place afternoon on Thursday, after which the gate was closed to traffic.

It added that after the incident, the army forces from the Al-Badr corps arrived at the scene and are preparing to respond to the Pakistani border guards.

So far, the details of this incident have not been given by the border gate officials of Sepineh Boldak.

Differences between the Taliban and Pakistan continue to persist over the issue of the Durand Line.

In this context, Pakistan Consulate in Jalalabad (Nangarhar Province), while highlighting the situation at Ghulam Khan border crossing in Khost-North Waziristan area over the past few days, conveyed to the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday that the Taliban had removed the Pakistani flag from a border post and deployed Humvees and armed personnel on the zero line in contravention of the border conventions, as part of its “pressure tactics”, reported local media.

In response, Pakistan issued warnings to the Taliban of possible counter-action and trade was suspended for a few days.

The issue was later resolved with the intervention of traders and tribal elders from both sides, said the local media.

However, bilateral relations between Pakistan and the Taliban are turning hostile over the issue of Durand Line and cross-border “terror activities” of groups like the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) against Islamabad.

Pakistan intends to bring the tribal areas near the Durand Line under its control and complete its Durand barbed wire fencing.

According to the Military analysts, Pakistan has not changed its bilateral policy and the country wants to get rid of international criticism, which has been accused of training and financing terrorism for years.