The Dirty Tricks Department Fails Once Again : Allegations Regarding Dassault Paying...

The Dirty Tricks Department Fails Once Again : Allegations Regarding Dassault Paying One Million Euro to Indian Middleman after Rafale Deal Falls Flat


The Dirty Tricks Department Fails Once Again : Allegations Regarding Dassault Paying One Million Euro to Indian Middleman after Rafale Deal Falls Flat


The well known Dirty Tricks Department has once again fallen flat in its attempt to shake the Government of India, along with it efforts jeopardize Indian national security.

A vague, French magazine Mediapart report has suddenly revealed that French company Dassault paid 1 million euro to an Indian middleman after signing of the India-France Rafale agreement in 2016. As per the report of the entire amount, 508,925 euro was paid under “gifts to clients” head, an investigation into Dassault group’s 2017 account books has revealed.

As per Mediapart report, the irregularity was first discovered by the sleuths of the French anti-corruption agency, Agence Francaise Anticorruption (AFA), during its scheduled audit of Dassault. They quickly added that audit report is not open for public access. Then from where did they get this “ information “? Also why didn’t the Auditors report the matter officially in 2017 itself.

The company has clearly refuted all the allegations and said that the money was used to pay for the manufacture of 50 large replica models of Rafale jets. Mediapart had also reported that “ the inspectors were given no proof that these models were made.” the Mediapart reported on Sunday evening.

As per the report the expenditure “seemed disproportionate “ in relation to all the other entries. Along with such vague reporting The Mediapart showed great concerns over the AFA audit report, saying the matter was not referred to the French prosecution authorities for further probe and legal action. It said the inaction “raises questions over both the justice system and the political authorities”. With that much concern the Mediapart should have itself gone to the French justice system.

The report then cleverly added a half truth that the AFA audit had found that Dassault justified the “larger than usual gift” with a proforma invoice from an Indian company, Defsys Solutions. The invoice, dated March 30, 2017, suggests Defsys was paid 50 per cent of an order worth 1,017,850 to make 50 dummy models of Rafale jets, each costing 20,357 euros.

Defence Solutions System have now clearly given their statement that they indeed had been given orders for 50 models and all were supplied along With bills, invoices and GST bills. Everything was above board and transparent trade deal. Though sometime back in 2019, a business man Mr Sushen Gupta linked to Defence Solutions was arrested for his alleged role in AgustaWestland VVIP Chopper scam in March 2019. As per the Enforcement Directorate probe in the AgustaWestland scam, Gupta allegedly devised a money-laundering scheme for the payouts during the purchase of the helicopters. Defsys provides solutions for a variety of defence and aerospace applications. It is a privately held entity that was set up in 2007.

During the time of the audit in October 2018, the French public prosecution services’ financial crimes branch, the Parquet National Financier (PNF), had also received a tip in which irregularities were flagged to the authorities, the report adds. Speaking with News Agency, Mediapart reporter Yann Philippin, who reported the story, said it’s the first of his three-part probe on the Rafale jet deal. “The biggest revelations are due for episode 3,” he told News Agency.

So someone from the well known Dirty Tricks Department seems to have contacted Philippin to report the story at a critical time of ongoing State Elections in India. Also there are moves within Indian Ministry of Defence to go for another 36 Rafale Jet fighters through yet another Govt to Govt deal.

So naturally few other foreign companies who are salivating to get hold of IAF order for 110 MMRCA fighter jets, in league with the Dirty Tricks Department must have hatched a deal to make such leaks and stall the Indo French deal. China and Pakistan too must be so happy to hear all this, as it will be a great set back to IAF if Govt of India or Govt of France cancel future deals

India and France had signed a Rs 59,000 crore deal in 2016, under which Dassault aviation would manufacture 36 Rafale jets for India. India received the first batch of five Rafale aircraft on July 29, 2020, almost four years after it signed the inter-governmental deal.

Following this, the second batch of three Rafale jets landed in India on November 3, 2020, and the third batch of another batch of three jets joined the IAF on January 27, 2021. The delivery of all 36 aircraft is likely to be completed by 2022-end. The fourth batch of three Rafale fighter jets landed in Gujarat’s Jamnagar on Wednesday, March 31.

IAF is totally thrilled with the performance of the Rafale fighters and already looking forward to getting at least 36 more. PLAAF and PAF are already very apprehensive with the induction of Rafale in the IAF and are likely to panic if 36 more gets added to the IAF fleet by 2025.

What everyone must now become aware that now onwards there us no need for the Govt of India to prove itself Holier than the Pope. Such leaks are going to be treated as part of disinformation warfare by the enemies and the traitors. They will not be able to jeopardize our ongoing efforts to bolster our National Defence efforts. It is for the French Justice System to probe its Internal matters if they so wish.