Greening of Uttar Pradesh Alongwith Cleaning of Rivers

Greening of Uttar Pradesh Alongwith Cleaning of Rivers


Greening of Uttar Pradesh Alongwith Cleaning of Rivers

The Government of Uttar Pradesh under the leadership of CM Yogi has taken proactive and innovative initiatives to not only make the State more green but also have clean and blue waterways.

Plantation of saplings along the river banks have helped rejuvenate river and forest cover. Varieties like Peepal, Banyan, Pakad, Neem and Mango have been planted extensively to increase the flora.

Water being essential for life, sincere efforts have been made to not only clean Ganga and Saryu but now Yamuna and other rivers too and to also conserve water and end its scarcity in the future.

Community oriented practices and participatory and collaborative approach have been taken for water resources management.

The Saryu Canal Project, Arjun Sahayak irrigation project and Madhya Ganga project have already started changing the lives of farmers. Already 22 projects out of total of 46 projects under NAMAMI GANGE have been completed. At the Centre, the PM took the initiative to create the Ministry of Jal Shakti and this ministry has taken charge and results can be seen on the ground.

Clean Ganga initiative is not the only initiative. The State is also concentrating on Wet lands conservation and Groundwater Conservation. The State has also sponsored projects for tourism that are being closely inter linked with ecological and water tourism undertakings.

Work is in full swing for water conservation too and for providing clean drinking water to all.30000 revenue villages are being covered with piped water supply by 2023. By December 2021, 10 districts of Bundelkhand and Vindya region will have access to clean tap water.

The Bansagar Irrigation Project has been completed within one year and has started irritating 2.5 lakh hectares of land. On completion of other such projects another 22 lakh hectares of land too will be covered.

The biggest polluting sewage canal in Kanpur area, discharging into and damaging Ganga since last nearly 150 years has been stopped completely.