India Exposes The World The Dangerous Attempts Of China to Carrying Out...

India Exposes The World The Dangerous Attempts Of China to Carrying Out Land Grab Of Indian Territory


India Exposes The World The Dangerous Attempts Of China to Carrying Out Land Grab Of Indian Territory


Colonel Awadhesh Kumar

Shri Subrahmanyam Jaishankar our External Affairs Minister recently mentioned the China-India border dispute on two multilateral occasions. This was not to garner any military support, as India is fully capable of thwarting all Chinese military adventures against India and even paying back in its own coin.

This was to expose the nefarious and slimy tactics of Chinese attempts at grabbing of Indian territory in stages. So after giving a bloody nose to the PLA at Galwan, New Delhi is now exploiting the force of the international community to shame China on the land grabbing issue. Only such methods will ensure that other Countries come to know the Chinese Communist Party mind and they do not fall prey to its tactics when signing trade and other economic pacts.

India’s relations with China are going through a “very difficult phase” because Beijing violated border agreements, said Jaishankar at a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference 2022 on Saturday.

On February 12, he made similar remarks during a joint news conference in Melbourne after a bilateral meeting with his Australian counterpart, held on the sidelines of the 4th Quad foreign ministers’ meeting.

Thus New Delhi is intending to internationally expose the nefarious thinking of the Chinese Communist Party on proper demarcation of India Tibet border.

The existing dispute is not a bilateral matter between India and China but a trilateral matter between Tibet, India and China. After invading Tibet a free buffer country between China and India, the PLA started nibbling at Indian territory and finally invaded India in 1962. This resulted in a short skirmish in Ladakh.

Since then PLA has been inching forward till India said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and at Galwan, the PLA had 40 dead and 45 wounded. Now it seems China is finding it difficult to achieve its goals under the Salami Slicing Tactics. So China massed troops in Tibet and Occupied Ladhak areas. However to its surprise the Indian Army too matched it quickly and even out numbered the PLA in every department.

 Though India does not want confrontation and therefore, it has turned to other countries to expose China. By leveraging their power, India hopes to pressure China to demarcate the India Tibet border and also the China Tibet border.

If China really wants to settle the boundary issue with India, it needs to understand it is the one that has caused the current impasse between the two countries. A new round of tension was created when China tried to unilaterally change the status quo on the LAC in Galwan area of Ladhak. The fundamental solution to this dispute is China changing its rigid position on the India Tibet and China Tibet border demarcation.

The Chinese Communist Politburo has already had some unrealistic expectations from its PLA. However PLA’s performance was so disappointing that till date three Commanders of Western Theatre Commands had to be sacked and a fourth one appointed in a very short term of less than 18 months.

So for the time being PLA is not making more provocative moves around the Chinese occupied areas in Ladhak. China should learn from history. It has to pragmatically recognize the current international environment, the situation of the relationship between India and Tibet and its own strength. Only in this way China can avoid its own dismantling.