International community fully favors India in its conflict with China

International community fully favors India in its conflict with China


International community fully favors India in its conflict with China

Since the China-India LAC clash in the Galwan Valley in June, India has taken the initiative to stop the PLA in its track and has also gained the upper hand. India is as huge a country as China and a rising economic power which has already become the Worlds third largest economy. As a military power it has full capability to take on China. So it is not understood that why China is taking such a big risk by provoking India ?

Probably China is still living in 1962 era, believing that India will be unwilling to launch a war, or take the initiative to escalate a war. So China thinks that by mainly engaging in small-scale provocations on the LAC it can, not only grab some additional territory but also get away with it. It believes that China’s great military strength can easily prevail over India.

The Govt of India is now led by a very pragmatic and decisive PM. Narendra Modi administration and Indian Armed Forces are on the same page and they will never bend in front of China. Now our political and military leadership are not only mentally tough, but also have the strength and capability to take the battle into Tibet for its liberation.

India is not for starting a war but will defend itself at all cost and once provoked will not refrain from taking the battle all the way to China Tibet Border and also to South China Sea. We are aware that military mobilization requires great resources but it does not matter in case our way of life is at stake. China’s recent provocations may be a sign that it knows that a few years down the line, India will once again surpass it economically. So China wants to retard the progress as far as possible through a War. However after the Pangong Tso fiasco by the PLA with Moldo garrison now fully dominated by observation, Beijing will be seeking a face saving deal with New Delhi as soon as possible.

China-India relations have deteriorated rapidly. In China-US relations, the US is stronger and dominating side. But in China-India relations, China thought that it is India -which is the weaker side. However the Chinese Communist Party, the PLA and the Western Theatre Command all have received a nasty surprise. This is a very interesting phenomenon.

In addition to shifting domestic attention from the Chinese economic downslide and Wuhan epidemic, another important reason behind worsening China-India relations is Xi Jinping’s misjudgment of the overall situation.

China-US relations are also tense while US India are getting closer and closer. China wrongly believes that it has an opportunity to put a break on Indo US strategic partnership by embroiling India with some LAC tensions. It believes that then India may not be left with any initiative to help out USA in the Indo Pacific.

The present international environment is in favour of India. India is also enjoying good relations with Russia. Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in June that India-Russia relations are one of a “special and privileged strategic partnership.”

The current international environment has USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, South East Asian Countries, most of Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia and Israel, a majority of African Countries and nearly all the European Countries and again a majority of South American Countries are backing India against the Chinese back stabbing in Galwan.

Instead of sharing opportunities among China, Russia and India, including cooperation under the framework of BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization China has embarked on a complete misadventure. Probably soon Russia may just stop sale of any arms to China. Though Russia will always hope that China and India can peacefully resolve their disputes.

The US is regarded as India’s major supporter. Indeed, the US has been promoting its Indo-Pacific Strategy to win over India. This has become a big obstacle in the nefarious expansionist plans of Beijing in the areas of what it likes to call South China sea. Naturally now New Delhi is holding more bargaining chips than Beijing when it comes to talks on resolving the LAC issue.

So what China is now doing is to wage a media propaganda war to poison the minds of Indian citizen against USA. As per Beijing “ Washington is really not trustworthy. The Trump administration claims to support India, but initiated actions against India and engaged in tit-for-tat tariff actions; Washington also planned to restrict H-1B visas issued each year to Indians; the US also sells weapons to India at high prices. If the current US administration wants to make friends, it seeks to benefit from its friends. It seems India is still not aware of this.”

If military conflict breaks out between China and India, the US will certainly provide India with intelligence support and be ready to sell the required aircrafts and helicopters. As it is India maintains the requisite technological edge with the Air Force and Navy.

Indian troops even had to fire warning shots at Chinese soldiers a few days back as they advanced to repeat a Galwan type incident. Hearing the shots, PLA troops retreated hastily because now they know that Indian Army is not going to tolerate any further nonsense. Henceforth there is going to be no business as usual till final settlement if the Indo Tibetan Border.