Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilders deliver Advanced Tugboat to Chilean navy

Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilders deliver Advanced Tugboat to Chilean navy


Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilders deliver Advanced Tugboat to Chilean navy

The fleet tugboat ATF-65 Janequeo ,finally arrived on February 22, at the port of Valparaíso in Chile , after a journey of more than 11,000 nautical miles through the Indian and Pacific oceans.

The tugboat is 70 meters long, 19 meters wide and has a maximum draft of 6.2 meters. It displaces 2,500 tons and has a static or Bollard Pull 150 tons. It can carry 38 crew and 22 passengers. The vessel can accommodate 700 cubic meters of fuel, 900 cubic meters of Drill Water, 600 cubic meters of fresh water, 700 cubic meters of HNLS/GOLD and four ponds of 226 cubic meters for dry bulk cargo.

The tugboat features two 2290 kW MAN main engines, two Siemens 1600 kW hybrid engines and reaches a top speed of 13.5 knots. It has four 1690 ekW MTU generators in addition to two 850 kW bow thrusters, two 500 kW aft thrusters and controllable pitch propellers (CPPs) from W.

The deck machinery features a Rolls-Royce cascade towing winch with a nominal traction of 350 tons, two sets of 225-ton SWL Karmoy tow pins, two sets of 450-ton SWL Karmoy Shark Jaws, a 2.5 x 7 meter Rolls-Royce anchor handling aft roller, two 15-ton SWL Rolls-Royce wints and a Sormec 5-ton deck crane.

This tugboat has been designed and constructed at the Indian Shipbuilding Yard of Larsen and Turbo. This Indian Company has also supplied vessels to both Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard.

The Ministry of Defence , Government of Chile had approved on January 26, 2018 the project Tug which contemplated the purchase of a new unit in order to maintain and complement the missions carried out by other tugboats of the Chilean Navy.

The objective of the project is to strengthen the rescue and salvage capacity, both of civil and military vessels in the area of ​​national responsibility, safeguard human life at sea, preservation of the environment and natural resources, logistical support where required and the capacity to perform the rescue and salvage of a submarine.

This initiative allows to give continuity to the mission of Security and Maritime Interests of the country entrusted by the State of Chile to the Navy and which also includes search and rescue actions, according to the areas of responsibility established in international agreements.

The vessel is equipped with advanced diesel-hybrid propulsion, has a dynamic positioning system and it can fight fires, respond to emergencies, perform rescue actions, resupply supplies offshore, recover oil spilled at sea and other tasks.