Musing: From Reservation To Revolution

Musing: From Reservation To Revolution


Musing: From Reservation To Revolution

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Colonel Krityanand Das, Retd

Reservation by virtue of mere birth is dangerous as reservation by quota. This has been in practice since the last 1500 years in the subcontinent, with the establishment of Brahmanism, vaguely called Hinduism after the Hunnic invasions in 5th century AD, that brought an end to the Gupta Empire. It also destroyed Buddhist institutions, killed monks and caused its physical eclipse from India. It was finally wiped out by Hun sage Shankar in 9th century AD.

He borrowed heavily from the Buddhist philosophy and text and hit it hard with it as well. His physical endurance and mental brilliance was phenomenal, almost elemental. Hun invaders destroyed the massive Indo- Gangetic plains as never before. Effects of this destruction has been well scripted by the Chinese traveller Xuanzang, who came after 200 centuries later. Huns in between 300 to 500 AD destroyed three civilisations and introduced three religions in each as the Arabs did after three hundred years later.

Around 300AD they devastated northern China and introduced Buddhism. In 450 AD on ward, they destroyed Rome and cause establishment of Christianity. In same period they destroyed India and introduced Brahmanism. Being aliens,they brought in alien faith in each land.ln India Maga Brahmins from eastern Iran and Mithiras the sun worshippers were brought in from Central Asia. They created what we call Brahmanism/Sanatan/Hinduism.

It finished the second Urban Civilisation of India for ever that was revived by the Mauryas with great care and efforts after the destruction of first Urban Civilisation, the Indus Valley. Most of these new preachers were located in the Buddhist strong hold of present day Bihar, so much so that Southern Bihar previously known as Rajgir came to be known as Magah, place of the Magas.Similarly north Bihar which was known as Vijji or Tirbhukti, came to be known as Mithila from the Mithiras, who worshiped sun.

These elements never let the bud of Buddhism sprout again, nor let the place prosper. The perils of present day Bihar continues since then. These elements concocted exploitative ways that became Sanatanic /Hinduism. The apex of their social order consisted of three layered elite of foreign ancestry call. Dwij.

They created myths to mingle into Indic history, to hide their foreign Hides. Dwij enjoyed reservations by virtue of their birth, putting rest of the 85,6 of the Indic people, the Sudras in real distress, having deprived them of all social benefits, they even deprived them of neutrious food by banning beef, thus taking away cheaply available protein from their diet. With an aim to make them physically weak and cause diminishment of size over the years.

India became land of the suffering Sudra serfs. Education was only for the Dwij that also graded in scope for each category of their three categories. None for the Sudras at all. If some one ventured out to acquire knowledge through education then the penalty was loss of life and limb. Story of Sambuk and Ekalavya is still kept fresh in mind through two epics. An apartheid prevailed. Society was segregated. Endogamous marriages were forced down.

Caste system became rigid and oppressive. Cult of temples grew that became places of deposit for ill gotten wealth of the elite and places of debauchery. The cult of Devdasi was created for the pleasure of Dwij elite at the cost of toiling Sudra masses and pick of females from their lot on various pretext became norm. What a civilisation! What a culture! The priestly class could not take new barbarians in to their folds, as the Arabs did to the Mongol conquerors of Bagdad and Iran.Inter faith conflicts continued ever since. Entire subcontinent was made prisoners of faith. Sea voyage was banned,effecting trade, commerce and exchange of information.

We became a nation of Kupmanmandup the frogs of well. They never paid Jazzia tax. They became partners in exploiting the masses. During both Hindu and Muslim period of Indian history there weren’t any educational institutes worth it’s name. Both destroyed such legacies of Buddhist past in their times. Masses were deprived of right to education.

The entire subcontinent was disarmed. A section of the Dwij by virtue of their birth had the exclusive right to bear arms. They were worthless both as soldiers and as commanders in the field. Before every invader they did assemble with arms and after a few mock battles they easily surrendered to the invaders, married their daughters to the victors and really made merry thereafter as commanders and governors, exploiting the masses hereto as before.

Nothing changed for the elites but certainly it Ad for the Sudra masses, their taxes and toil increased as they had to create more wealth to sustain the increased elite population’s luxurious lives. Poverty of the masses increased. Indian commercial class has never been the producers of commodities, the producers were exclusively Sudras. They were just middle men traders. That’s why the Indian Vaishyas can not manufacture anything. That is why Modi’s “Make in India ” is virtually a failure. They just make their profit as middle men.

They lack the capability to establish industries. They make poor manufacturers but clever and cunning traders. They lack both virtues and values like the other Dwij. So we have seen their callous and cruel contribution to the society. Entire Sultanate and Mughal period is full of rebellions of princes and the predators at the fringes. Loot and exploitation remained their creed and callousness their policy. No universities, no works of irrigation worth a note was ever created by them. Only seminaries came up like Temple Pathshalas, producing mad Mullas. Palaces, havelis, maqbarras, forts and masjids were created to scare the masses by awe and arrogance.

The Asharafs that trickled in from Arab world, Iran and Central Asia, were poor human material. Most of them had no means to sustain their lives in their own land and so came seeking sustenance in Muslim courts. The rulers patronised them as they feared less rebellion from such rootless lot.

That is why Asharaf elites of Muslim period when confronted with the European traders, could not win a single battle. All they created was cult of Tawaifs and lustful poems in a language called Urdu. Often Asharafs claim that they did not force Islam on the masses, or else whole of India would have been converted, is nonsense.

Both Brahmanism and Islam have been rejected by the Sudras as both are useless as a creed that restrict human freedom and aspirations. Sudras being a producing communities, could purchase their freedom by paying the hated Jazzia tax. Islam only spread in resource scarce areas like Iran, Mesopotamia, Egypt Magrib and the Central Asian Steppe.

Where people couldn’t pay the Jazzia, they Willy- Hilly accepted the conqueror’s faith. Converts to Islam were more from the Hindu elite, some 28 high caste communities converted to Islam for fear or favour. Only some 11 communities of lower castes converted due to long association being professional groups providing various services. Something like Christian converts of servant quarters in British Cantonments All Brahmanic and Abrahmic faiths are alien to Indic world. These are relics of subjugation.

TO follow them is crime against Indic world. Both Brahmanism and Islam being invaders faiths, never had any mass appeal in the subcontinent where native Sudras had seen more humane cults and cultures in distant past and still retained some values in their hearts,hearths and homes. Both Brahmanic and Abrahamic faiths divide world into Us and Them.

Brahmanism has Dwij – Sudra divide and Islam has Muslim – Kaffir divide,once that is done then it is ‘fish eat fish’ for both. Unnecessary credit is given to the Sufis, they were basically integrated with the Muslim Armies like the Anglican Church, was with the British Indian Army. Mostly they ran orphanages for the Muslim soldiers killed in internecine conflicts which was almost a routine affair, more so in a system that preached conflict for existence.

They were just make believe softer face. Less than 3 Lakh British people were at any time in India. Yet they ruled over 30 crores people of subcontinent for long 200 years.Dwij- Asharaf elite could not tackle these handful traders from the distant land. So good was their leadership, technology and conduct of war! So we have seen reservation by birth is generally bad, it is worst. Yet we permit rise of Dynasts in our polity and talk big of disadvantages of reservation.

15% of Ashraf(the Muslim elite, the Dwij of Indian Muslim caste system) community of UP were cornering 30% of all higher civil jobs available to the Indians, when the Muslims made only 15 percent of the total population of the state, which included even the Ajlafs that is the Sudra equivalent of Indian Muslim caste system.

Ajlaf hardly had any presence in that 30% jobs cornered by the Asharaf.And then they wanted 50 percent of all civil jobs for themselves as pre condition to stay in an United India. When that was not given to them they sought separate home land for themselves.

Hindu elite of the Congress who had been enjoying reservation by virtue of their birth for over a millienum gave it so easily, when the Asharaf inspired slaughter of some 4000 mostly low caste ‘Hindus’ was carried out in 1946 in Calcutta through low caste Muslims in a single day.

It was Asharaf group A UP, Bihar, CP and Bombay who got the country partitioned for Reservation. Communal ‘Chachas ‘ went to Pakistan and the ‘Bhatijas ‘ remained back on the property, became Secular saints over night. And were rehabilitated in Congress and Communist outfits. And were called Sarkari Musalman by the Ajlaf, the Muslim Sudras.

These Sarkari musalmans protects the Congress – Communist-Socialist vote bank even to this day. For sake of reservation India was partitioned by the sub continental elites, the Dwij-Asharaf. They only had the voting rights. They only created all chaos. Sudra- Ajlaf had no say and it was these communities that suffered loss of life and limb and property.

Jinnah’s progenies enjoy grand life and wealth in Mumbai and Nehrus rule in Delhi. It is children of Sudras and Ajlaf that die on LC on daily basis and in wars and riots frequently. Dwij -Asharaf group has done more harm to the country then any thing else.

As a •Prayashchit • they should volunteer to do the 4th grade job for Five years as part of National Scavenger Service.Those who do this should be well rehabilitated. They should virtually clean the national dins on ground and cleanse their minds A their forefathers’ sins. As Mao had done to the communist cadre in China, when it started developing elitist attitude. Even Deng Xiaoping was sent out to clean the country side of pig shit. Yet when he arrived back cleansed from the. Tapasya” he changed China to new heights of prosperity and power. They should exhibit morale courage to express ‘Collective Guilt’ for what ever done in the past as the German Nation is doing for their Nazi past.

After going through the • Prayashchita • this group may become useful section of the Indic masses and merge their identity with the Sudra for ever. Only for ten years SC should get job reservation, that too only once to a family. The reservation to the SC was given through Poona Pact, so that they did not walk out from Hindu fold.

It was an acceptance by the Dwij leadership under Gandhi of their historical guilt. The OBC as they are well of on their own should volunteer to avail reservation for only a period of 5 years. Higher Sudras of mixed castes have not availed any reservations. So they need not get any. Economy status should then decide the states help to any individual. Non to any group. Group identities must dissolve and merge with the masses, the Sudras – the Social Proletariats.

A Truth and Reconciliation Commission be held as was done in South Africa under Mandela, to settle the matter for ever. It is Sudras Subcontinent. Their will must prevail. Dictatorship of the Sudra Proletariats must be established. They are the ‘Social Proletariats’ the working class. Dwij Ashrafs are the ‘Social Bourgeoisie”.

As Russia had industrial Proletariats, China had peasant Proletariate, so has India its Social Proletariats as base of its new revolution. Marxism needs new definition in the sub continent. It has been hijacked by the Dwij -Ashraf combine. Sudra -Ajlaf need to liberate themselves from their clutches. They need to come out from their shadows and be on their own.

Some how the Sudras though split in to Dalit and various OBC castes out fits have liberated their bodies from the age old grips of the Dwij political outfits ie Congress, BJP and Communists in to their own splinter out fits. It is better than nothing. But it will be much useful if they come under one political umbrella of the Ambedkar and become part of Buddhist Rational Movement.

The Ajlaf have not been able kick open the knot that ties them to the age old tattered Sherwani of the Asharaf. It is so bad to see when Asharaf shed crocodile tears for the plight of the Dalits Sudras, when they have never treated the Ajlafs well themselves. It just another vote bank stunt.

All types Al Sudras, lower (Dalits), middle(OBC), higher Sudras (the various mixed castes ) and Ajlaf ( Pasmanda Muslmans) must come together and give the slogan – Garv Se Kaho him shudra Hain marriages be banned by law to end caste system as was done long time back in China when things like caste system was found trickling in their society.

Today China is a homogeneous population of 98 percent Han due to such measures taken long time back. This alone will cause annihilation of the castes. Their is no virtue in so called pluralities of castes, languages,regions and religions. Yeh Sab Dwij Ashrafon Ke Chochle hain.

For the purpose of divide and rule. State should discourage all god centric religious activities, if not ban them totally. Entertainment tax should be levied on all unscientific God centric religious activities outside of the private homes. Plurality breeds only divisions and ushers in defeats and slavery. India is a big country with leadership at all level suffering from Small Nation Syndrome. It is time now that we rose from the age old slumber.

Think Big, Act Bigger! Wake up or the Chinese will come and kick us as no one has done it as bad and as hard as yet in our last 1500 years of continuous slavery. Rationalism and scientific socialism may be a better option that is – back to Buddha in light of Ambedkarite definition of the Dhamma and Modified Indic Marxism for betterment of the masses.

Long Live the Revolution!