National Reporter EXPOSED Another Zaira Wasim Case, Congress’s Plans Foiled

National Reporter EXPOSED Another Zaira Wasim Case, Congress’s Plans Foiled


This case seems to be taking the path of Zaira Wasim’s case where Vikas Sachdeva was put behind the bars for just an allegation and no proof yet.

During the cross-examination,defence counsel relied upon mobile phone call records and emphasised there were contradictions in Varnika Kundu’s statement given to the police. While Varnika finds these details irrelevent,HC decides to grant bail to Vikas Barala.

Disc jockey Varnika Kundu on Monday faced 500 questions for nearly five hours during a marathon court hearing in the high-profile stalking case in which Haryana BJP president Subhash Barala’s son Vikas is the main accused.

The cross-questioning of IAS officer V S Kundu’s daughter revealed her car had broken down a day before the incident, on August 3, and she was dropped the next day in Sector 8 to pick up her vehicle at 11.15pm, more than an hour before Barala and his friend Ashish allegedly began to chase her in their car.

The defence counsel, Rabindra Pandit, claimed the Varnika’s mobile tower location was found to be in Fatehpur village, Chamkaur Sahib, Ropar district, one hour before the incident.

Varnika, however, denied the claim. “I was never in Ropar.” she said.

By attempting to establish that Varnika was in Ropar an hour before the stalking episode took place and not DJing, sources said, the defence tried to discredit parts of her testimony.

Varnika admitted an advocate, Rajdeep Takoria, was present at the police station when the FIR was registered. It was told that Takoria was her paternal uncle and her father had called him. Pandit claimed her uncle and father wrote the complaint and her signatures were forged, allegations Varnika denied.

Surprisingly, Pandit had prepared his notes in Urdu, which meant prosecution lawyer Manu Kakkar could not read them.