NDTV’s Sonia Singh Caught And Exposed Pedaling Lies About Election, Got Trolled

NDTV’s Sonia Singh Caught And Exposed Pedaling Lies About Election, Got Trolled


NDTV Reporter Sonia Singh caught spreading lies about EVM’s in Gujarat. Sonia Singh is editorial director and president of the NDTV ethics committee. She also hosts ‘The NDTV Dialogues’, a show focusing on understanding on key issues and a look at potential solutions.

But The Reason why she is doing this is that she is married to Congress leader RPN singh.

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This means she is spreading rumors as a Congress Party’s propaganda. She said:

But People trolled her and Exposd her connections with congress:

BJP has hit back at the Congress on the allegations of EVM tampering and said that the latter cries foul only when it is losing an election.

Citing examples of Punjab and Delhi assembly elections, where BJP failed to secure a majority, MoS PMO Jitendra Singh questioned the Congress for not raising the issue of EVM tampering in those two elections.

“Congress has adopted a Standard Operating Procedure. Whenever they find themselves getting defeated they blame the EVM, if they win they remain silent. In Punjab Assembly Election EVM was okay for them also during Delhi Assembly election because BJP lost”, Singh said, according to reports on ANI.

In the 2017 Punjab assembly elections, the Indian National Congress had won 77 of the 117 seats. In 2015, the Aam Aadmi Party secured victory on 67 seats in the 70 member Delhi assembly.

The BJP minister also alleged that the Congress has already sensed its defeat, consequently, they are raising the issue of faulty EVMs.

“Machines went wrong for them in UP election and Delhi Corporation Election. They’ve graduated to higher level of smartness. Earlier, they blamed EVMs after results now they’ve done it beforehand because they’ve, by implication, already confessed defeat in Gujarat”, he argued.

During the first phase of polling on Saturday, Congress functionaries had alleged that EVMs have been tampered with in some booths in Porbandar, Navsari and Rajkot.

In some booths, rumours emerged that the voting machines are getting connected with the external devices such as mobile phones via Bluetooth.