Nijjar was a threat to Canada’s national security, Trudeau still honoured him

Nijjar was a threat to Canada’s national security, Trudeau still honoured him


Nijjar was a threat to Canada’s national security, Trudeau still honoured him

Trudeau’s love for terrorists was on full display when the Canadian government which he leads, paid tribute to a Canadian terrorist named Nijjar in the Canadian Parliament. This was despite the fact that Shri Trudeau was fully aware of Nijjars terror links on Canadian soil. It is also clear that the Canadian government has no answer as to why it did so, as is evident from the Deputy PM’s dodging the question.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, is a Canadian terrorist who advocated a separate a Khalistani in India and did all his planning and plotting from Canada itself. He was considered a threat to the national security of Canada. His bank accounts were frozen, and he was put on Canada’s no-fly list, reveals an investigation by a Canadian newspaper. Despite knowing all this, Shri Justin Trudeau government paid him a tribute in Parliament !!!!!

The Parliament of Canada observed a moment of silence to mark the first anniversary of death of this Canadian terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. This tribute, typically reserved for individuals of significant national importance, is a mark of respect and remembrance for their contributions. Shri Justin Trudeau government honoured terrorist Nijjar despite knowing very well that he was linked to terrorism and considered a threat to Canada.

What more, the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland dodged a question on why, despite knowing Nijjar’s terror antecedents, the Canadian government paid tribute to him.

This has been revealed in a recent investigative report by The Globe and Mail. The report shows Hardeep Nijjar was a long-standing concern for the Canadian government. He was put on the no-fly list and his bank accounts were even frozen. He was also quizzed about his role in an illegal weapons training programme for Sikhs in Canada.

The details mentioned in The Globe and Mail report reveal something very important — the Canadian government was well aware of the concerns about Nijjar but still went ahead to commemorate his anniversary of death.

“We will have to take up arms. We will have to dance to the edge of swords. Those who advocate peaceful methods need to leave them behind. What justice will we get this way?”

This was part of terrorist Nijjar’s speech in 2021, a video of which was obtained by The Globe and Mail. In the video, Canada-based Nijjar is seen openly advocating violence.

This video alone also reveals how India’s concern about rising of extremism and terror groups on Canadian soil stands true.

These concerns started a year ago in 2023, when this Canadian terrorist Nijjar was killed by two gunmen outside Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara in Surrey, British Columbia.

Canadian Prime Minister Shri Justin Trudeau at once made a most turdish claim that the Indian government was responsible for the death of this Canadian terrorist on Canadian soil. Such an allegations immediately led to stand-off between India and Canada.

The Indian government, after a detailed investigation, had held this Canadian terrorist Nijjar responsible for the 2007 cinema hall bombing in Punjab and even the attempted murder of a Shiv Sena leader in 2021. Nijjar by then had fled back to Canada. He was declared a proclaimed terrorist through a due process of Law and Trudeau’s government was informed of all the facts accordingly.

The various concerns and allegations of the Indian government have some standing that have been reaffirmed by The Globe and Mail report.

Terrorist Nijjar had shared stories with his Canadian friends of how he, as a boy, served food to of the Khalistani separatists, reveals The Globe and Mail report.

He was inspired to join the Khalistani terrorist movement by Anokh Singh Babbar, a co-founder of Babbar Khalsa, the terrorist group behind the Air India Kanishka bombing. That was the worst terror attack in Canada’s history.

Babbar, who was charged with killing 100 people with bombs fitted in radios, was killed in a police encounter in 1987.

Nijjar was also a close friend of terrorist Gurdeep Singh Deepa, who was an important member of the terror outfit Khalistan Commando Force, notorious for its brutal attacks, according to the report. In 1991, its militants killed over 125 people in Punjab, even children.

Terrorist Nijjar had to flee from India after Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh was assassinated in 1995.

He alleged that he was tortured after his arrest, and had to flee abroad.

In 2016, the Indian police arrested a Canadian citizen, Mandeep Singh Dhaliwal, on one of his visits to Punjab. They suspected he would carry out terrorist activities in Punjab.

Dhaliwal told the police he was sent by terrorist Nijjar to attack the “leader of the sects”. They had conducted weapons and GPS training on the Lower Mainland in Canada.

Nijjar was questioned by the Canadian police in 2016 about his involvement in weapons training. His business and personal bank accounts were frozen. Considered a threat, he was also put on Canada’s no-fly list.

His bank sent him a letter informing him how he was a threat to national security, and he was being called in to pay off all his debts, according to The Globe and Mail report.

The report also reveals how terrorist Nijjar took charge of Guru Nanak Singh Gurudwara in Surrey. He hung portraits of those terrorists who got killed for terror acts in Punjab. Among these was a portrait of terrorist Talwinder Singh Parmar, who was responsible for the Air India Kanishka bombing.

With this information in public domain, the Canadian government is being questioned about its decision to pay tribute to a proclaimed terrorist Nijjar.

Candian Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, was asked at a media interaction why Nijjar was given a tribute on the anniversary of his death when the Canadian government had put him on the no-fly list and his bank accounts were frozen?

She was seen dodging the question.

Questions did not stop here. They are being raised from within the government as well.

A Canadian MP has also criticised the tribute to terrorist Nijjar. Te MP from Trydeau’s own Liberal Party, Chandra Arya, spoke against te commemoration..

“When Parliament decides to observe a minute of silence, it is very exclusive and limited to a few great Canadians who have served Canadians immensely for most of their lives,” said Arya, reported The Globe and Mail.

“Nijjar is not one of those people. That the ‘credible allegations’ that he was killed by a foreign government were considered good enough to elevate him to the ranks of the most respected Canadians is false,” the MP added.

Chandra Arya also referred to The Globe and Mail investigative report to question the Trudeau government. The investigative report highlights that