Pandemic : Respect And Live With Nature

Pandemic : Respect And Live With Nature


Pandemic : Respect And Live With Nature


Colonel Kanwar Badam , Veteran


Masking, a new dimension, ushering of a new era, new found custom, a forced necessity, more out of fear, something unnatural,
Obstructs breathing, conceals identity,
Yet it has become a necessity,
Making you unhospitable to dreaded virus
With a larger design of the Almighty to curb your freedom, not to militate against the nature, keep the environment clean, think of the atrocities unleashed by the mankind on flora and fauna of this universe.

Realize the power of God to show you your rightful place on this planet,
Pay penalty for your insensitivity towards plant and animal kingdom,

Caged and gated, you are a prisoner, moving like a zombie, rubbing your hands, using feet to operate sanitizers, giving slip to outdoor games, punishing your body to make it undemocratic
God has decided, time to teach a lesson, the mass is ungrateful, it views nature selfishly unmindful of well being of lesser beings Time to teach equality to the most brilliant but unjust human beings.

Life is one whole, includes people, hills, rivers, trees, birds and animal life.
Life is multi dimensional, Over exploitation of natural resources resulting in germinating a new unwanted and uninvited guest in our lives.

Masking is physical. Don’t mask your heart , feelings and emotions.

Achieve greater purpose, Subsume your anger, ego, greed but enliven your capillaries of love, concern and empathy

God has struck without a sound, unlike earthquake, cyclone, avalanche, volcanic eruption, tsunami.
In silence, quietly, he has hammered you to introspect in isolation
Dont try to conquer nature
Live with nature
To nurture your souls
Nurture the environment
And go on a spiritual odyssey



This is a story about teenage lovers. Teenage love is stronger and more intense than the matured love.

My dream in teens
Caused a twitch in my heart
Speechless and spellbound
I dared bow down on my knees
To tell her, “you have stolen my heart
My existence has no meaning
Without you i am a corpse.”

She softly gave her hand in my hand and said
“Your twitch is a switch
it opens my heart
Like a river
Overflowing with joy
In your absence i become listless more like a corpse.”

I rode my cycle through far distance to meet her for a while. I said,
“You touch my soul and vitalise me with your presence
Now it is time to leave
I said,”Bye”
She said,”Nay.
Stay by my side through the night
I fear i may lose you
Clouds are about to burst
Moon is looking at us
Nature seems jealous
Peacocks are dancing
Thunder is inevitable
My eyes twitch, a bad omen elders say
Nay don’t go away
I am at peace
Fearless in your arms
My love is at crescendo
Selfless, pure and pristine”.

After sometime
The clouds darkened
Moon disappeared
Peacocks stopped
Stars vanished
Nature conspired
A cloud burst
Lightening struck
Eerie silence
Gods became jealous
My hand in her hand
We bid good bye
Mortally dead
Eternally alive
Souls don’t perish

A dying wish
To meet again
Hand in hand
And to tell her
“My existence has no meaning
Without you i am a corpse”