Pit Rods Cannot Help JeM Terrorists Anymore, They Will Be Hunted Down...

Pit Rods Cannot Help JeM Terrorists Anymore, They Will Be Hunted Down By India


Pit Rods Cannot Help JeM Terrorists Anymore, They Will Be Hunted Down By India

Sam Uncle a NRI is a very concerned Citizen of India. He says “I would like to know a little more because I read reports in the New York Times and other newspapers. Did we really attack? We really killed 300 people? I don’t know that.

As a citizen, I am entitled to know and if I ask it is my duty to ask, that doesn’t mean I’m not a nationalist, That doesn’t mean I am on this side or that side. We need to know the facts.

If you say 300 people were killed, I need to know that.” He though forgets that as a citizen of India, it is also his duty to help defend India from external threats.

Instead of defending his Country this Pitroda, the overseas chief of Indian Congress Party has tried to defend Pakistan by his comment that entire Pakistan can’t be blamed for 26/11 and Pulwama terror attacks. This character has also sought a dialogue with Pakistan.

“I am a Gandhian, I believe in more compassion and respect. I believe in more dialogues personally. I think we should have a dialogue with everybody. Why just Pakistan? We are having dialogue with the whole world,” he added.

Keep doing it yourself but now we Indians are not going to forget or forgive, we will hunt down the terrorists wherever they hide. We will also punish all those who support and give shelter to these terrorists.

Pitroda has thus given a “ kick “ to his own party with the looming General Elections by trying to back Pakistan. Though in the latter half of the interview with he clarified that his remarks on the Pulwama terror attack and Balakot air strikes were his personal views and not those of the Congress.

“I am talking as an individual. I am talking as a scientist. I believe in reason. I believe in logic. I believe in data. I don’t believe in emotions,” he added. As long as your own back side is safe, naturally you will not believe in “ Emotions “. Go and ask the families of the 40 martyrs of Pulwama terrorist strike.

Pitroda further tried to defend his comments by saying that they were being quoted out of context. “I have just asked a question. What is the problem in that? As citizens, we need to know the facts.

What is so complicated in that and what is anti-national in this?” he asked. Pitroda said what he talked about in the interview was the need for more information and facts that the government has a duty to provide to the public.

“We respect jawans and their families. We feel for them. The PM can say what he has to, but why is everyone so upset,” he said. Sam ji, Scientist ji, military strategy is also a Science,whose theories and principles state that ….you will not divulge any information which may benefit the enemy !!! Etc etc….

Turning the Pitrodas missile on to Congresss itself, PM Modi Launched a sharply worded attack on the Congress He used Pitroda’s comment to reiterate that the Congress-led UPA governments didn’t act against Pakistan despite repeated provocations and terror attacks.

Pitroda was quoted by news agencies as further questioning the death toll in the Balakot aistrike by the Indian Air Force in response to the Pulwama terror attack.
Speaking on the terror attack which killed 40 CRPF personnel in Jammu and Kashmir, Pitroda said “Don’t know much about attacks.

It happens all the time. Attack happened in Mumbai also, we could have then reacted and just sent our planes but that is not right approach. According to me that’s not how you deal with world.” So as per this chap, Indians should just keep dying, they have no right to defend themselves against terrorism.

Pitroda said it was not right to “punish” Pakistan because of a few terrorists. “Eight people (26/11 terrorists) come and do something, you don’t jump on entire nation (Pakistan). Naive to assume that just because some people came here and attacked, every citizen of that nation is to be blamed. I don’t believe in that way,” Pitroda said. Sam ji does not know that Indians do not go by his belief. Pakistan is sheltering the terrorists, so either they destroy them or we will do so and even Pakistan will be made to pay for their support to terrorists, they are to be blamed equally for not taking any action.

Shortly after Pitroda’s comments were reported, Modi tweeted that Piroda was “loyal courtier of Congress’ royal dynasty”. Speaking on India’s claims of destroying Jaish-e-Mohammad camps in Pakistan, close confidant of Rahul Gandhi, Pitroda said international news outlets had an alternate view of the impact of the air strike and that the people of India deserved to know the facts of the Air Force operation.