PLA Still Smarting Due To Galwan Defeat

PLA Still Smarting Due To Galwan Defeat


PLA Still Smarting Due To Galwan Defeat

As per the Chinese military their border troops conducted a routine patrol on September 28 in the Dongzhang area in Arunachal Pradesh on the Tibetan side of the border and encountered “unreasonable obstruction from the Indian military.

The Chinese officers and soldiers took countermeasures resolutely and returned after the patrol mission was completed.”

When they were stopped by the Indian Military, then how were they able to complete their Patrol Mission without using force remains a huge mystery !!!

Yes as given by Indian media, the Indian Army stopped the Chinese incursion involving a large patrol of the Chinese border troops. Chinese soldiers were detained for crossing the Tibet – India border and kept there for several hours, till completion of local level Commanders talks.

The latest incident broke a relatively calm period on the Indo Tibetan border, and this has happened just before the talks in Ladakh at the Corps Commanders level of the PLA and the Indian Army.

India media News18 cited government sources as saying on Friday that the Indian army temporarily detained a large patrol of the Chinese troops when they crossed into India from Zangnan area of Chinese Occupied Tibet.

The Indo Tibetan border has been peaceful for some time, while the incident in the Dongzhang area, where the Indian army detained the Chinese border troop’s patrol, shows India’s resolute action against any kind of provocation from the PLA.

 China continues to breach all previous agreements reached by Beijing and New Delhi. Such Chinese incursions has shown the PLA has learned nothing since last year’s clash at Galwan and requires a solid thrashing once again.

India ‘s border areas along the Himalayan LAC with Tibet have been facing pressure of being encroached by the PLA. For instance in 2001, Chinese troops had constructed a temporary bridge in Dongzhang region and also set up a Police checkpoint by the river. So Indian troops also moved in the grassland area in Dongzhang on the Indian side of the river to check any incursions. The Chinese have been trying to “claim their existence” by painting slogans on big rocks.

Many parts of the Tibetan -India border are unmarked and Chinese want it to keep it this way, as till now it helped them in their salami slicing tactics, with the intention of Occupying more Indian territory and bargaining with India in future Sino-Indian LAC talks.

Since Galwan episode onwards this has been Checked firmly by the Indian Army and will not be permitted any more. China has been consistently provoking troubles at the LAC and increasing their troop numbers, infringing upon Indian territory and sovereignty. However now India too has matched strength and day is not far off, when due to fresh PLA incursions into Indian territory, not only will all of Chinese occupied Ladakh be recaptured but also a portion of Tibet may get liberated by the Indian Army.

The Chinese Government media’s hype on both Taiwan and India have come as China and India are reportedly entering the 13th round of Corps Commander-level talks. The talks will concentrate on resolving confrontational issue on the LAC between Chinese Occupied Ladakh and rest of Union Territory of Ladakh. Since the two armies started disengaging in Pangong Tso in February, confrontation in major places has been avoided, which helps maintain the stability of the LAC area.

Yet experts warned the incident in Dongzhang in Arunachal Pradesh of India will poison the atmosphere of talks even on Ladakh LAC

The Chinese Communist Party, it’s PLA and it’s media habitually pick up and hype LAC issues before talks between the two armies… to test the Indian side’s bottom line. They intend to create an illusion for the Chinese public that the PLA is taking the upper hand in everything. Whereas on ground the young Chinese forcibly conscripted by PLA are facing huge problems being stationed in High Altitude areas for such prolonged period. Even the Commanding General of the Chinese Western Theatre has been changed four times since the Galwan episode.

India till now has exercised restraints, and only published authoritative information, in the hope of maintaining a harmonious atmosphere for the two countries to resolve the issue of both Indo Tibetan and Tibet China borders permanently.

40 Chinese soldiers died in a China-India LAC confrontation in the Galwan Valley in June 2020along with 20 Indian soldiers This is the worst conflict between the two countries in nearly 45 years.