PLAAF Wang Hai Air Group fully equipped with J-20 fighter jets but...

PLAAF Wang Hai Air Group fully equipped with J-20 fighter jets but shy of facing IAF


PLAAF Wang Hai Air Group fully equipped with J-20 fighter jets but shy of facing IAF

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has claimed that recently its brand new J-20 fighter jets flew to deter some foreign aircraft flying close China’s territorial airspace. It said that the J-20 gave full play to the aircraft’s stealth capability but did not elaborate on it. PLA claims that it’s forces are well-equipped and well-trained in dealing with all sorts of threats.

As the first combat unit of the PLA Air Force that is fully equipped with J-20 fighter jets, the Wang Hai Air Group under a brigade of the PLA Eastern Theater Command carried out missions to safeguard China’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, including combat alert patrols in the East China Sea and the Taiwan Straits, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Tuesday.

PLAAF claims that two J-20s took off In an emergency sortie mission, to intercept two foreign aircraft. The two closely coordinated, took advantageous positions and resolutely safeguarded China’s airspace security, CCTV reported. However everyone is fully aware that Taiwan, a Sovereign nation, never permits its fighters to enter China’s airspace.

“The J-20’s stealth capability is its biggest advantage. It means that the enemy radar can see nothing, but we can already launch attacks,” a super claim being made by the Air Group Commander.

“You can imagine how much psychological pressure the enemies would have. They can only take hasty evasive maneuvers to avoid our threats. If we push forward, they would fall back,” said the Group Commander.

Though right after Galwan incident, a few J-20s had been flown within the Tibetan airspace by Western Theatre Commander to “terrorize “ the Indians. However realizing that they were being fully tracked by Indian radars, the J-20s were hastily withdrawn and since then have not been seen flying within the Western Theatre Command.

Wang Hai Air Group has an outstanding combat history of downing and damaging 29 hostile aircraft in the Korean War (1950-53) as per the PLAAF. The Group has recently completed key missions including the routine management of patrolling of the East coastal Sea Air Defense Identification Zone, combat alert patrols in the Southern China coast, and patrols around the island of Taiwan, flying across the Bashi Channel, the Miyako Strait and the Tsushima Strait in the process, according to CCTV.

“When I look down on the Taiwan from the cockpit of my warplane, I could clearly see the island’s entire coastline and mountain range,” one pilot was quoted by CCTV as saying.

Meanwhile the Taiwan Air Defence merely kept monitoring the PLA aircraft activities around the island but took no action as they were flying in international waters. Though the so called stealth-capable J-20 were easily detected and tracked.

As per the PLA propaganda, a brigade under the PLA Western Theatre Command, which faces the Indian Air Force, is the first unit to receive delivery of the obsolete J-16 fighter jet, also carried out combat alert patrol missions that saw foreign warplanes expelled…..ha ha and ha….what a claim to fool the common Chinese people. Clones of J-16 with Pakistan Air Force the J-17 do not dare to face even the MiG-21 Bisons of the IAF.