Quarantine The Corona Valentine : Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai

Quarantine The Corona Valentine : Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai


Quarantine The Corona Valentine : Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai

Colonel Kanwar Badam, Veteran

Pandemic seems endemic
No vaccine, more deaths,
no timelines, no predictions
constant fear, anti-social, no warmth, no proximity, no celebrations

Virtual takes over from real
New paradigms, new social norms,old walls and ceilings broken, new emerging trends, More innovations,
New ideas to deal with the pandemic

To survive be a Darwin
Arrive quickly, adapt rapidly, adopt swiftly
Embrace new lanes
Establish new ways
Change the pattern
Change fixed ideas
Allow fluidity in thoughts
Don’t stagnate
Move on in life
Happily and merrily
But discretely

What will change?
Virtual will dominate real
Work from home will be a new normal
Classes will be online
Meetings will become virtual
Interactions will become impersonal
Travel will be restricted
Hotels will find new ways
Holiday spots will re-orient
Air travel will be re-composed
Malls, offices and restaurants will be re-designed
Digital transanctions will become rampant
Quarantine will become part of life

What will not change?
Fundamentals will not change
Peripherals will become irrelevant
Air, water, earth,, sun and space
Nature will continue to provide
Without these elements
Life will not sustain.
Hunger is a reality
Emotion, feelings, empathy, pleasure, happiness, sadness and thoughts will remain as variables in the psychlogical domain

What needs to be done?
Check your thoughts
Don’t surrender to negativity Make pessimism and fear
your enemy
Face the challenge with optimism
Be like a soldier
Remember bravery executed In Galwan valley
Deploy your attitude
Not to survive but thrive
In extreme adversity and challenge

What is the new order?
A new order is already in place
Good or bad, gain or loss, Work or no work,
Life will go on
Accept the new order, Imposed by nature,
Dwell on spiritual values
Differentiate between ritual and religion
Become a giver not a grabber
Be grateful for all His blessings
Rise above mundane
Acknowledge contribution by Paramedics, health workers and Doctors
Lend your cheer and strength
In moments of crisis
and remember
“Jaan hai to Jahan hai”