Russia has concerns over ‘dirty bomb’ in Ukraine

Russia has concerns over ‘dirty bomb’ in Ukraine


Russia has concerns over ‘dirty bomb’ in Ukraine

Marshal Shoigu the Russian Defence Minister held a conversation with Shri Rajnath Singh, the Indian Raksha Mantri. He provided him with the information on Kiev’s plot to carry out a false flag operation using even a “dirty” bomb.

Later On October 23, the Russian defense chief also informed US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu and Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar about Kiev’s plot. Now Shoigi has also held a similar video talks with his Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe.

Thus Russia has informed India and every other major power and key parties which share concerns over the Ukraine crisis. This means that Moscow is trying to make it clear that it has reliable intelligence about the potential danger, and if a ‘dirty bomb’ really goes off in Ukraine, it has nothing to do with the Russian side, and all parties should make efforts to prevent such a risk.

The “dirty bomb” is not a cutting-edge weapon of mass destruction, and can be easily produced as long as the manufacturer has enough nuclear materials and radioactive substances. However, the damage it can cause to soil, air and people is still very serious, so it’s forbidden by the international community, Song said. Only terrorists will use such weapons.

Russia has also made its claims about the “dirty bomb” in Ukraine to the UN Security Council and said “using a dirty bomb would be an act of nuclear terrorism.” Its comments have been rejected by the foreign ministers of the US, UK and France, who called the claims made by Russia “unsubstantiated allegation.”

 While Russia and Ukraine conduct a war of words with each other on the matter of dirty bombs, the US and its European allies will treat every voice from Russia as “cognitive warfare,” so they will ignore its warnings even if the concerns are based on reliable intelligence. 

This is why Russia is also sharing its concerns with India and China, as Moscow believes that these two non-Western major powers hold the key to world peace. They be more reasonable and neutral, and treat such information seriously. If Russia is one day attacked by Ukraine’s dirty bomb, Russia hopes that India an China will be able to take decisive action on its behalf it in the international arena.
It’s entirely possible to see dirty bombs used in the battlegrounds say many analysts.

A responsible stance would be to call for peace and to stop adding oil to the fire, but this is not what the West will do, as they want to see Russia and Ukraine continue to make each other bleed, experts said.

 Russia now is also trying to warn those forces which intend to use the dirty bomb, and if one is used to attack Russians, it’s possible that Moscow will turn its military operation in Ukraine into a “war on terror,” and Russia will also use more deadly weapons to retaliate against Ukraine. This will surely bring more casualties and damage to both sides, and this is not what the international community would want to see.